A Year on Your Path To Growth

Filename: a-year-on-your-path-to-growth.pdf
ISBN: 1452553815
Release Date: 2012-06-30
Number of pages: 396
Author: Keri Nola
Publisher: BalboaPress

Download and read online A Year on Your Path To Growth in PDF and EPUB IMAGINE A DAY WHERE YOU: • Remember your infinite worth, no matter what • Reconnect with your Divine Authentic Self and be inspired to move forward • Become confident in your ability to deal with your sufferings and experience peace It can happen and the possibility starts here. Do you want to move forward, but feel lost and stuck? Do you wonder what your own purpose truly is on this earth? I understand. I’ve been there. I know what it’s like to feel anxious and depressed wondering what the purpose of such pain is, and then to search for happiness in a world that has such suffering. After a dear friend of mine died tragically, I deepened my search for the meaning of my own life while grieving the loss of hers. Since then, I have been on a journey to peace that has taken me to great perspectives, a journey that has changed my life, and a journey that has the potential to change yours as well. Together, let’s release your questions and fears and reconnect you with your divine birthrights of love, joy, and abundance for authenticity and happiness. In A Year on Your Path to Growth: Daily Inspirations to Reconnect with Your Soul, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Keri Nola, provides the daily compassion and comfort you yearn for and deserve, while inspiring you to reconnect with your authentic self. Her real life experience paired with her exceptional education and professional background has guided her along a meaningful path to understanding - one she desires to share with you. Ultimately, this year long journey of paradigm shifting inspiration will bring you the one thing you desire most - peace.

The Purpose Based Library Finding Your Path to Survival Success and Growth

Filename: the-purpose-based-library-finding-your-path-to-survival-success-and-growth.pdf
ISBN: 9780838912447
Release Date: 2015
Number of pages: 224
Author: John J. Huber
Publisher: American Library Association

Download and read online The Purpose Based Library Finding Your Path to Survival Success and Growth in PDF and EPUB In the years since John Huber’s trailblazing Lean Library Management was published, budget pressures on libraries have only increased. Yet libraries who have adopted his strategies have turned conventional management thinking—that if budgets are reduced, customer service suffers—on its head. These libraries have proven that by streamlining and improving customer services, they can eliminate wasteful activities and bring down costs. In The Purpose-Based Library, Huber and seasoned public library administrator Potter build on insight gleaned from decades of experience to demonstrate how libraries can create real growth opportunities through concentrating on their true mission and purpose, and without spending a lot more money. With a focus on putting ideas into action, they point the way towards New ways to think about metricsReexamining customer self-driven servicesEffectively leveraging the considerable footprint of librariesIdentifying and assessing community needs and realigning library services accordinglyActively encouraging community fundraisingOffering cutting-edge services and programsPacked with boots-on-the-ground commentary, this book presents strategies to help libraries survive and succeed.

The Curve Ahead

Filename: the-curve-ahead.pdf
ISBN: 9781137464354
Release Date: 2014-07-29
Number of pages: 224
Author: Dave Power
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

Download and read online The Curve Ahead in PDF and EPUB Why do most growth companies stop growing? And what can their leaders do to overcome the barriers to growth? The Curve Ahead tackles these questions, filling a void in the literature on innovation and growth strategy that has focused on either start-ups or large public companies. Growth companies are different. Their challenge is to transition from entrepreneurial focus to a repeatable process for innovation and sustained growth - and the stakes are high. The Curve Ahead utilizes the power of storytelling to teach growth company leaders how to sustain long-term growth. Using the example of a "gazelle," a high-growth company that is increasing revenue by at least 20% annually for four years or more, this book explores the struggles faced during business growth - something that plagues many businesses. These mid-size companies, typically with annual revenues of $10 million to $100 million, are the engines of economic growth and wealth creation. Tragically, most fall behind the curve before they reach their potential and are sold by investors too ready to throw in the towel. This book doesn't just lay out a fresh approach to innovation and growth strategy. It also helps professionals and business leaders avoid common pitfalls by illustrating the various ways in which growth companies get stuck and flame out. Author Dave Power then tells leaders how to get un-stuck. In addition to a myriad of real-world stories and case studies, each chapter of The Curve Ahead begins with the story of a fictional company called NaviMark. Navimark is emblematic of many growth companies—it faces the same business problems, personal challenges and strategic dilemmas encountered by Power in his 25 years managing, investing in and advising growth companies. Following Navimark throughout the book allows Power to provide a highly complex model of typical struggles and scenarios faced by growth companies and deliver that story to his readers in an extremely edifying, play-by-play manner. The strategy allows readers to follow along—observing, in real time, the way that Navimark evolves, and responds (correctly or incorrectly) to external obstacles and demands. This practical and fast-paced book uses realistic characters, dialogue, and business settings to: • Help readers anticipate the predictable challenges of business model maturity. • Demonstrate proven tools and approaches for overcoming the barriers to growth. • Translate abstract concepts about innovation into actionable programs that can become a part of the rhythm of the business. This book will help thousands of midsized companies overcome the growth hump by providing the tools necessary to not only succeed but thrive in the future. The Curve Ahead provides a roadmap for leaders who want to sustain growth over the long term. This roadmap is based on five premises: 1. Every business model matures, following the familiar S-Curve. 2. You can and must stretch the S-Curve, but that won't work forever. 3. To sustain growth you need to find the next S-Curve 4. Finding your next S-Curve, with some predictability, requires an innovation process, something every company should have in place. 5. Driving innovation while keeping the core business healthy is the responsibility of leaders.


Filename: bonds.pdf
ISBN: 9781118106549
Release Date: 2011-08-15
Number of pages: 560
Author: Hildy Richelson
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Download and read online Bonds in PDF and EPUB Updated edition of the established classic on investing in bonds In Bonds: The Unbeaten Path to Secure Investment Growth, Second Edition, the fully revised and updated edition of the classic guide to demystifying the bonds market, veteran investor husband and wife team Hildy and Stan Richelson expose the myth of stocks' superior investment returns and propose an all-bond portfolio as a sure-footed strategy that will ensure positive returns. Designed to educate novice and sophisticated investors alike, as well as to serve as a tool for financial advisers, the book explains why and when bonds can be the right choice. Case studies, detailed bond strategies, and a financial planning overview bring home the value of bonds in achieving financial goals. Presenting a broad spectrum of bond-investment options, and describing how to purchase bonds at the best prices, the book shows how to make real money by investing in bonds. The strategies presented here are designed to help the reader determine how to use bonds to take control of their own financial destiny. New edition includes information on corporate bonds, emerging market bonds, municipal bonds, the new global ratings, and how to protect against municipal defaults Looks at how bond portfolios protected against market volatility in the 2007-2008 crash and how they can do the same in the future Includes information on how the bond market has changed The wealthiest investors and financial advisers use the bond strategies outlined in this book to maximize the return on their portfolios while providing security of principal With more bond options available than ever before, Bonds continues to be a must-have for anyone looking to understand the investment opportunities available to them.


Filename: superconsumers.pdf
ISBN: 9781633692084
Release Date: 2016-11-29
Number of pages: 240
Author: Eddie Yoon
Publisher: Harvard Business Review Press

Download and read online Superconsumers in PDF and EPUB Pork dorks. Craftsters. American Girl fans. Despite their different tastes, these eclectic diehards have a lot in common: they’re obsessed about a specific brand, product, or category. They pursue their passions with fervor, and they’re extremely knowledgeable about the things they love. They aren’t average consumers—they’re superconsumers. Although small in number, superconsumers can have an outsized impact on a company’s bottom line. Representing 10% of total consumers, they can drive between 30% to 70% of sales, and they’re usually willing to spend considerably more than the average consumer. And because they’re so engaged and passionate, they can offer invaluable advice to managers looking to improve their products, change their business models, energize their cultures, and attract new customers. In Superconsumers, growth strategy expert Eddie Yoon lays out a simple but extremely effective framework that has helped companies of all types and sizes achieve more sustainable growth: he’ll show you how to find, listen to, and engage with your most passionate and profitable consumers, and then tailor your decisions to meet their wants and needs. Along the way, he’ll let you into the minds and homes of superconsumers of all kinds, revealing what makes them tick and why they’re willing to spend so much more than other consumers. Rich with data and case studies of companies that have implemented superconsumer strategies with great success, Superconsumers is a fun, practical, and inspiring guide for anyone interested in making their best customers even better.

Grow Smart Risk Less

Filename: grow-smart-risk-less.pdf
ISBN: 9781608322848
Release Date: 2011-10-17
Number of pages:
Author: Shelly Sun
Publisher: Greenleaf Book Group

Download and read online Grow Smart Risk Less in PDF and EPUB Looking for a low-risk, low-capital path to astounding growth?Experienced franchisor Shelly Sun shares practical advice and her own compelling experiences to help you discover the power and avoid the pitfalls of franchising your business.In today's economic environment, access to capital is limited, and that isn't likely to change. Successful business owners have few options for dramatically expanding their brand. Grow Smart, Risk Less describes how you can use other people's money and can leverage your success for fast, profitable growth.Unlike many authors of books on franchising, Shelly Sun has been through the process, growing her business from $1 million to $100 million in five years in system-wide sales. In Grow Smart, Risk Less she describes the process she went through-equal parts brutally grueling and enormously rewarding-to make it happen. She will educate you on every stage of the franchising process, preparing you to make savvy business decisions that are right for your company now. You will learn how to Determine if you have a concept worthy of franchising and how to adjust your concept if you don't Assemble a professional team without wasting money Adjust your business model along the way for optimum growth Grow as a leader to assume the new challenges of leading a larger, more diverse organizationIf you're ready for the next stage of business development, read Grow Smart, Risk Less and set yourself on the path to amazing growth.

The New Science of Strategy Execution

Filename: the-new-science-of-strategy-execution.pdf
ISBN: 1567205631
Release Date: 2004
Number of pages: 192
Author: William Randolph Bigler
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

Download and read online The New Science of Strategy Execution in PDF and EPUB Offers a set of tools to help any firm achieve world-class strategy execution.

It s Hard to Make a Difference When You Can t Find Your Keys

Filename: it-s-hard-to-make-a-difference-when-you-can-t-find-your-keys.pdf
ISBN: 9781440626562
Release Date: 2003-12-30
Number of pages: 320
Author: Marilyn Byfield Paul
Publisher: Penguin

Download and read online It s Hard to Make a Difference When You Can t Find Your Keys in PDF and EPUB Overbooking? Running late? Feeling overwhelmed by clutter and to-dos? Management consultant Dr. Marilyn Paul guides you on a path to personal change that will bring true relief from the pain and stress of disorganization. Unlike other books on getting organized, It’s Hard to Make a Difference When You Can’t Find Your Keys offers a clear seven-step path to personal development that is comprehensive in nature. Drawing on her own experience as a chronically disorganized person, Paul adds warmth, insight, humor, and hope to this manual for change and self-discovery. She introduces the notion of becoming “organized enough” to live a far more rewarding life and make the difference that is most important to you.

Letters To My Son

Filename: letters-to-my-son.pdf
ISBN: 9781414120300
Release Date: 2012-02-01
Number of pages: 108
Author: Jamie Bohnett
Publisher: WinePress Publishing

Download and read online Letters To My Son in PDF and EPUB Dear Dad . . . Are you a father who longs to leave your son some simple words of encouragement as he begins his own faith journey as an adult? Do you feel like you have, on one hand "said it all," but on the other hand, are not sure that you have communicated the most important things pertaining to the soul? Are you wrestling with entrusting him to "Another Father" as he moves away from your daily influence? If your answers are "Yes" to these questions, then this compilation of heart-felt letters is a must read for you and your son! This book consists of 39 letters put into 12 chapters of authentic, self-disclosing communication from a father to son that holds universal application to every father and young adult son journeying in faith together.


Filename: roadsigns.pdf
ISBN: 9781591810506
Release Date: 2006-01-01
Number of pages: 275
Author: Philip Goldberg
Publisher: Sentient Publications

Download and read online Roadsigns in PDF and EPUB The essential guide to navigating the paradoxes of the spiritual path, whether you have been on it for 30 days or 30 years. Full of travel trips for those who think for themselves, this book helps readers come to grips with their spiritual dilemmas and arrive at fresh insights through the best kind of guidance -- that which springs from their own self-awareness. Regardless of their chosen paths, readers will discover their personal spiritual truths with the aid of this guide.

The Fast Path to Corporate Growth

Filename: the-fast-path-to-corporate-growth.pdf
ISBN: 0198039948
Release Date: 2007-06-04
Number of pages: 304
Author: Marc H. Meyer
Publisher: Oxford University Press

Download and read online The Fast Path to Corporate Growth in PDF and EPUB Every company can point to a growth strategy. Few, however, systematically implement it; instead, they tweak current products with incremental innovations, or attempt to buy growth through acquisitions. Neither is a satisfactory solution. Internally generated growth accomplished thorugh product line renewal and new service development is essential to the long-term vitality of business across industries. The Fast Path to Corporate Growth takes on the challenge large corporations have in developing new product lines that address new market applications and provide new streams of revenue. The book integrates the key disciplines--new product strategy, user research, concept development and prototyping, market testing, and business modeling--into a practical framework for generating enterprise growth. The book illustrates that framework with in-depth examples of companies--including IBM, Honda, and Mars--that have generated impressive results by leveraging their core technologies to new markets and to new uses. Many of these examples contain templates that readers can use in their own projects. The book also addresses the human side of new market applications, providing advice on what executives and innovation team leaders must do to execute the steps of Meyer's framework for developing new market applications. This comprehensive guide to growth will appeal to R&D practitioners, new business development strategists, product managers, and to students in engineering management, innovation management, and corporate strategy.


Filename: uncommon.pdf
ISBN: 1414363958
Release Date: 2011-03-15
Number of pages: 304
Author: Tony Dungy
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.

Download and read online Uncommon in PDF and EPUB The New York Times bestseller is now in softcover with a bonus chapter on how the “Dare to Be Uncommon” movement is reaching schools, teams, and families across the country and an update on Tony’s life since retiring as head coach of the Indianapolis Colts. What does it take to live a life of significance? When Indianapolis Colts coach Tony Dungy took home the trophy in Super Bowl XLI, fans around the world looked to him as the epitome of success. Athletic victory, professional excellence, fame and celebrity, awards and honors—he had it all. But even in that moment, he knew those achievements had little to do with his ultimate significance as a man. Coach Dungy still passionately believes that there is a different path to significance—a path characterized by attitudes, ambitions, and allegiances that are all too rare but uncommonly rewarding. In the New York Times best seller Uncommon, Dungy reveals secrets to achieving significance that he has learned from his remarkable parents, his athletic and coaching career, his mentors, and his walk with God.

Full Scale

Filename: full-scale.pdf
ISBN: 9781502471062
Release Date: 2014-11-18
Number of pages: 240
Author: Anthony W. Richardson
Publisher: Anthony W. Richardson

Download and read online Full Scale in PDF and EPUB The biggest secret of the startup industry is that bad marketing is the #1 cause of startup failure. This secret exists for two reasons; one, marketers are adept at shifting blame to the product, the market, the user, the management, etc., and two, many of the great startup marketing minds are holding their cards close. In Full-Scale, startup growth consultant and entrepreneur Anthony W. Richardson reveals the exact framework that he has built over the course of his career that enables him grow any startup client, of any industry without as much as a marketing plan or a yearly budget. Some say as many as 90% of startups fail, yet 83% of Anthony W. Richardson's clients are either still in business or have already been acquired. Richardson begins with a bold scientific premise: What if we could say with literal certainty that we are spending our money, time and resources on the marketing tasks that will have the greatest impact? What if we build a formula that measures these things directly against the causes of startup failure? What if the growth marketer is not only responsible for scaling a startup but also any items that would prevent growth? Growing a startup isn't difficult when you start with a great framework. The methodology found in Full-Scale goes even further, beyond growth marketing, and demonstrates how the principles found within this book will also indicate when and how to make other big decisions like: feature development, hiring and firing, pivoting, fund raising getting acquired and more. Suddenly, growth drives the entire operation and the startup is moving at Full-Scale, from the top down, without tips or tricks. Full-Scale presents a new, proven way to grow startups as well as a comparative look at the pitfalls of existing marketing methodologies and why a consultant needed something stronger than simply startup marketing, growth hacking, full-stack or even traditional methods. What if you could actually make that claim using scientific principles and back it up with data? What if you could say words like "best", "fastest", and "most efficient" and mean them literally? The Full-Scale method does just that. After adopting the principles outlined in this book you will be able to say it and mean it. Praise for Full-Scale: "Absolutely worth the investment. Full-Scale has my highest recommendation" - David B. "A must read for any business owner or marketing professional." - Amir S. "[Anthony] is a genius. his methodology combats the resource drain that occurs in startups-as entrepreneurs struggle to make the best decisions with limited resources." - Nathan C. "This is now my go-to recommendation when anyone asks me about startup marketing. Anthony proves that he's got enough skin in the game to know what it's really about. Can't recommend this enough." - Ryan G.

The Relationship Handbook

Filename: the-relationship-handbook.pdf
ISBN: 9781608683611
Release Date: 2014-10-20
Number of pages: 168
Author: Shakti Gawain
Publisher: New World Library

Download and read online The Relationship Handbook in PDF and EPUB Using knowledge and skills honed over a lifetime of teaching and learning, personal development pioneer Shakti Gawain presents a powerful, life-changing work on a subject she has always been passionate about: our relationships. In her popular workshops and in her personal life, she has tested and refined the insights and exercises in this book, which she cowrote with her longtime collaborator Gina Vucci. Their approach reflects the fact that each of us is in relationships not only with romantic partners, family, coworkers, and children, but also with internal core beliefs and a variety of selves, including primary, disowned, and shadow selves. These revelatory teachings incorporate strategies for becoming aware of hidden beliefs, applying the Voice Dialogue process developed by Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone, and learning to experience every relationship as a path to self-knowledge. Through her gentle guidance, Shakti shows us how every relationship we have at every moment can be seen as a path toward greater consciousness, healing, and growth. There is no other book on relationships like this. Give this powerful book even a short amount of time — and prepare yourself for some truly remarkable results! “Our relationships are our teachers and can guide us through our lives if we know how to use them that way....Every relationship is an opportunity for us to learn about ourselves and to grow. Working with my relationships in this way has been the most powerful and comprehensive path to consciousness I have experienced, and I love to pass it on to other people.” — Shakti Gawain, from the book