Breaking Intimidation

Filename: breaking-intimidation.pdf
ISBN: 9781599796147
Release Date: 2013-07-15
Number of pages: 224
Author: John Bevere
Publisher: Charisma Media

Download and read online Breaking Intimidation in PDF and EPUB Countless Christians battle intimidation, which is camouflaged and subtle. Many feel the effects--depression, confusion, lack of faith--without knowing its root. Bevere guides readers below the surface to see the roots of intimidation. Readers will understand why it is hard to say no, why the fear confrontation and avoid conflict, and why they focus on pleasing others. Readers will learn to identify intimidation and know how to break its hold. Bevere explains how the fear of God keeps us from a life of ungodliness and produces confidence and boldness. Bevere advises, "Walk in your own God-given authority, or someone else will take it from you and use it against you."

Breaking Intimidation

Filename: breaking-intimidation.pdf
ISBN: 9781591858812
Release Date: 2005-12
Number of pages: 195
Author: John Bevere
Publisher: Charisma Media

Download and read online Breaking Intimidation in PDF and EPUB In this classic resource, Bevere teaches readers how break free from the fearful grip of intimidation and release God's gifts in their lives so depression, hopelessness, and confusion can be defeated.

Breaking Intimidation

Filename: breaking-intimidation.pdf
ISBN: 088419387X
Release Date: 1995
Number of pages: 206
Author: John Bevere

Download and read online Breaking Intimidation in PDF and EPUB John Bevere has taken the Wod of God and his own personal battles and given us another superb book.--Oral Roberts.

Breaking Intimidation

Filename: breaking-intimidation.pdf
ISBN: 0884197336
Release Date: 2000-10-01
Number of pages: 206
Author: John Bevere
Publisher: Creation House

Download and read online Breaking Intimidation in PDF and EPUB In this classic resource, Bevere teaches readers how break free from the fearful grip of intimidation and release God's gifts in their lives so depression, hopelessness, and confusion can be defeated.

Breaking the Intimidation Game

Filename: breaking-the-intimidation-game.pdf
ISBN: 0929523148
Release Date: 2010-06-01
Number of pages: 220
Author: Judith Fein

Download and read online Breaking the Intimidation Game in PDF and EPUB ¿Self-defense is a battle of intimidation; whoever wins this intimidation game wins!¿ states Judith Fein, Ph.D., and black belt in Tae k¿won do. Dr. Fein combines her 35+ years of self-defense instruction with 35 years of rape resistance and avoidance research into this scholarly yet practical 220-page guide. She inspires her readers to develop their own personal power with actual first person success stories (¿If She Can Do It¿So Can I¿), and provides powerful and valuable information in ¿The Psychology of Self-Defense¿The Intimidation Game¿, ¿Research Into Rape Avoidance and Defense¿With Practical Applications¿, ¿Come Into My Parlor Said The Spider To the Fly¿Defense Against Known Assailants¿, ¿Domestic Violence Prevention¿ and ¿Streetwise and Body Safe¿Keeping Your Personal Power On The Streets¿. The chapter ¿Basic Physical Defense and Intimidation Skills¿¿How To Fight Back and Win¿ offers hands-on practical step-by-step lessons in physical self-defense, utilizing 65 instructional photographs. ¿The Art of Self-Defense¿ is the subtitle for ¿Breaking The Intimidation Game¿. This double entendre word play refers to the social commentary art of internationally acclaimed artist Nancy Worthington, M.F.A., who created the cover art ¿Game Pieces¿ and whose unique and social commentary artworks appear as ten color faceplates at the beginning of each chapter to enhance and illuminate the text. ¿Breaking The Intimidation Game¿The Art of Self-Defense¿ is Dr. Fein¿s fourth book on self-defense. Judith Fein and Nancy Worthington have collaborated to make this book a unique journey of transformation into self-esteem and personal power.

Quebrando la Intimidaci n

Filename: quebrando-la-intimidaci-n.pdf
ISBN: 9780884196037
Release Date: 1999-01
Number of pages: 209
Author: John Bevere
Publisher: Charisma Media

Download and read online Quebrando la Intimidaci n in PDF and EPUB Este libro pone de manifiesto a la intimidación, quiebra su control temerario y le enseña a liberar los dones de Dios, estableciendo el control del Señor. El autor nos enseña a librarnos de los miedos a la manera de Dios.

The Bait of Satan

Filename: the-bait-of-satan.pdf
ISBN: 9781591854135
Release Date: 2004
Number of pages: 255
Author: John Bevere
Publisher: Charisma Media

Download and read online The Bait of Satan in PDF and EPUB Describes how to stay free from offense and escape the mentality of a religious victim, claiming that the feeling of victimization is one of the tools of Satan, and by overcoming offense, readers will strengthen their relationship with God.

Recognize Your Spiritual Authority

Filename: recognize-your-spiritual-authority.pdf
ISBN: 0884198340
Release Date: 2002
Number of pages: 84
Author: John Bevere
Publisher: Strang Communications Company

Download and read online Recognize Your Spiritual Authority in PDF and EPUB Don't allow the enemy to usurp your position of authority in Christ! God created you to be a champion! He has given you a powerful innerstrength to fulfill your call as His servant! Are you using it? Can you feel it welling up inside of you? The message in this little book, adapted from Breaking Intimidation by John Bevere, will help you walk in your God-given authority. It's time to resist those attacks, overcome your fears and become a bold and victorious "strongman" for God.

The Intimidation Game

Filename: the-intimidation-game.pdf
ISBN: 9781455591909
Release Date: 2016-06-21
Number of pages: 416
Author: Kimberley Strassel
Publisher: Twelve

Download and read online The Intimidation Game in PDF and EPUB From Kim Strassel-one of the preeminent political columnists writing today and member of the Wall Street Journal editorial board-comes an insightful, alarming look at how the Left, once the champion of civil liberties, is today orchestrating a coordinated campaign to bully Americans out of free speech. For nearly 40 years, Washington and much of the American public have held up disclosure and campaign finance laws as ideals, and the path to cleaner and freer elections. This book will show, through first-hand accounts, how both have been hijacked by the Left as weapons against free speech and free association, becoming the most powerful tools of those intent on silencing their political opposition. THE INTIMIDATION GAME provides a chilling expose of political scare tactics and overreach, including: How Citizens United set off a wave of liberal harassment against conservative politicians The targeting of Tea Party groups by the IRS How Wisconsin prosecutors, state AGs, and a Democratic Congress shut down political activists and businesses The politicization by the Obama administration of a host of government agencies including the FEC, FCC and the SEC Timed to arrive at the height of the 2016 presidential season, THE INTIMIDATION GAME will shine a much-needed light on how liberal governance and the Democratic machine bullies the political process.

Strikebreaking Intimidation

Filename: strikebreaking-intimidation.pdf
ISBN: 0807853739
Release Date: 2002
Number of pages: 328
Author: Stephen Harlan Norwood
Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press

Download and read online Strikebreaking Intimidation in PDF and EPUB In the first systematic study of anti-unionism and strikebreaking in the U.S., Norwood traces the history of violence between strikers and the mercenary forces (whose diverse ranks included college students, African Americans, the unemployed, and organized crime associates) called in by corporations to break strikes.


Filename: bullies.pdf
ISBN: 9781476710013
Release Date: 2013-01-08
Number of pages: 336
Author: Ben Shapiro
Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Download and read online Bullies in PDF and EPUB From the editor-at-large of comes a galvanizing and alarming look at the strategy and tactics of leftist thuggery. While President Obama and the left like to pretend that they oppose bullying with all their hearts and souls, the truth is far darker: the left is the greatest purveyor of bullying in modern American history. Bullying has morphed into the left’s go-to tactic, as they attempt to quash their opponents through fear, threat of force, violence, and rhetorical intimidation on every major issue facing America today. Ben Shapiro uncovers the simple strategy used by liberals and their friends in the media: bully the living hell out of conservatives. Play the race card, the class card, the sexism card. Use any and every means at your disposal to demonize your opposition—to shut them up. Then pretend that such bullying is justified, because, after all, conservatives are the true bullies, and need to be taught a lesson for their intolerance. Hidden beneath the left’s supposed hatred of bullying lies a passionate love of its vulgar tactics. The left has created a climate of fear wherein ordinary Americans must abandon their principles, back abhorrent causes, and remain silent. They believe America is a force for evil, that our military is composed of war criminals, and that patriotism is the deepest form of treason. They incite riots and threaten violence by playing the race card, then claim they’re advocates for tolerance. Disagree with Obama? You must be a racist. They send out union thugs and Occupy Wall Street anarchists to destroy businesses and redistribute the wealth of earners and job creators. No target is off limits as liberal feminists declare war against stay-at-home moms, and gay activists out their enemies, destroy careers, and desecrate personal privacy. These are the most despicable people in America, bullying their opponents while claiming to be the victims. Shapiro takes on the leftist bullies, exposes their hypocrisy, and offers conservatives a reality check in the face of what has become the gravest threat to American liberty: the left’s single-minded focus on ending political debate through bully tactics.

How to Break a Boy

Filename: how-to-break-a-boy.pdf
ISBN: 9781250082879
Release Date: 2017-01-31
Number of pages: 352
Author: Laurie Devore
Publisher: Imprint

Download and read online How to Break a Boy in PDF and EPUB In this YA contemporary romance, there's only one rule: Keep your enemies close and your friends closer. Olivia Clayton has mastered the art of tearing others down to stay on top. She and her best friend, Adrienne, rule their small southern town like all good mean girls do—through intimidation and manipulation. Until Olivia suffers a family tragedy and catches Adrienne sleeping with her boyfriend. Olivia decides to make a change, but it's impossible to resist taking down Adrienne one last time. Up to her old tricks, Olivia convinces golden boy Whit Du Rant to be her SAT tutor and her fake boyfriend. But when it starts to feel real, Whit gets caught up in Olivia and Adrienne’s war. Olivia may ruin everything she touches, but she won't go down without a fight—not if it means losing Whit. And definitely not if it means losing what's left of herself. An Imprint Book

Bribes Bullets and Intimidation

Filename: bribes-bullets-and-intimidation.pdf
ISBN: 9780271048666
Release Date: 2012
Number of pages: 431
Author: Julie Marie Bunck
Publisher: Penn State Press

Download and read online Bribes Bullets and Intimidation in PDF and EPUB "Examines drug trafficking through Central America and the efforts of law enforcement to counter it. Details the routes, methods, and networks involved, while comparing the evolution of the drug trade in Belize, Coast Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, and Panama over three decades"--Provided by publisher.

Breaking Free from Fear

Filename: breaking-free-from-fear.pdf
ISBN: 9780307729866
Release Date: 2012-07-10
Number of pages: 96
Author: Kay Arthur
Publisher: WaterBrook

Download and read online Breaking Free from Fear in PDF and EPUB Break free from Fear Life is filled with all sorts of fears that can assault your mind, trouble your soul, and bring untold stress. But you don’t have to remain captive to your fears. In this six-week study you will learn how to confront your circumstances with strength and courage as you live in the fear of the Lord—the fear that conquers every other fear and sets you free to live in faith. 40 minutes a week could change your life! The 40-Minute Bible Studies series from the teaching team at Precepts Ministries International tackles the topics that matter to you. These inductive study guides, designed to be completed in just six 40-minutes lessons with no homework required, help you discover for yourself what God says and how it applies to your life today. With the leader’s note and Bible passages included right in the book, each self-contained study is a powerful resource for personal growth and small-group discussion.


Filename: stonewalled.pdf
ISBN: 9780062322869
Release Date: 2014-11-04
Number of pages: 432
Author: Sharyl Attkisson
Publisher: Harper Collins

Download and read online Stonewalled in PDF and EPUB Seasoned CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson reveals how she has been electronically surveilled while digging deep into the Obama Administration and its scandals, and offers an incisive critique of her industry and the shrinking role of investigative journalism in today’s media. Americans are at the mercy of powerful figures in business and government who are virtually unaccountable. The Obama Administration in particular has broken new ground in its monitoring of journalists, intimidation and harassment of opposition groups, and surveillance of private citizens. Sharyl Attkisson has been a journalist for more than thirty years. During that time she has exposed scandals and covered controversies under both Republican and Democratic administrations. She has also seen the opponents of transparency go to ever greater lengths to discourage and obstruct legitimate reporting. Attkisson herself has been subjected to “opposition research” efforts and spin campaigns. These tactics increased their intensity as she relentlessly pursued stories that the Obama Administration dismissed. Stonewalled is the story of how her news reports were met with a barrage of PR warfare tactics, including online criticism, as well as emails and phone calls up the network chain of command in an effort to intimidate and discourage the next story. In Stonewalled, Attkisson recounts her personal tale, setting it against the larger story of the decline of investigative journalism and unbiased truth telling in America today.