Bridal Jitters

Filename: bridal-jitters.pdf
ISBN: 9780698153165
Release Date: 2013-08-06
Number of pages: 114
Author: Jayne Castle
Publisher: Penguin

Download and read online Bridal Jitters in PDF and EPUB The novella that introduced the world of Harmony Just below the City of Cadence lie the remains of the Dead City of Old Cadence— resonating with the psychic and para energy of its dead souls. While exploring the darkest depths of the city, two business partners discover passions within each other that are very much alive… Virginia Burch, a psychic archeologist, can’t believe her luck when she meets Sam Gage, a ghost-hunter and owner of prime real estate in the Old Quarters of Cadence, above the Dead City. He offers her his space to live and start up her business. What follows is an even more intriguing proposal—to become his wife. Strictly for professional reasons, of course… Their marriage of convenience would lead to a very lucrative business partnership, Gage & Burch Consulting. Until something throws a wrench into the plan: the undeniable sensual energy that naturally exists between them—and a love so strong it could wake the ghosts below… Includes a preview of the next Rainshadow Novel, Deception Cove. “A seasoned pro.”—People “[Castle] has created a fully imagined futurist world in Harmony.”—The Seattle Times “A master of sexual tension and intelligent banter.”—Publishers Weekly Bridal Jitters was previously published in Charmed and Harmony.

Diary of a Mad Bride

Filename: diary-of-a-mad-bride.pdf
ISBN: 9780804181259
Release Date: 2015-06-17
Number of pages: 304
Author: Laura Wolf
Publisher: Delta

Download and read online Diary of a Mad Bride in PDF and EPUB Once I was a sane, levelheaded professional woman. Then I said “yes.” Now I am the lunatic bride I always made fun of! What is it about getting married that turns normal people into total freaks? A savvy, riotously funny novel, Diary of a Mad Bride is for anyone who has ever been a bride, is about to become a bride, yearned to be a bride, or suffered the sheer indignity of appearing in public in the world’s ugliest bridesmaid dress.... My wedding was starting in less than twenty minutes, and I was stuck in a 7-Eleven parking lot with popcorn kernels wedged in my gums and vanilla ice cream melting on my dress. It was a disaster too large to comprehend. After an agonizing year spent planning my wedding, could it really end like this? The voices chronicling a year of wedding hysteria swirled in my head.... — My grandmother upon viewing my engagement ring: “What do you mean he gave you an emerald! Diamonds are eternal, emeralds say, maybe five years.” — My future father-in-law on the night of my engagement party: “To a happy marriage and, if necessary, a painless divorce!” — My best friend, Anita: “Oh, screw congratulations. Of course I’m happy for you. Stephen’s a major piece of ass and he’s got a sense of humor. Just as long as you’re certain this is what you want.” Would I survive this day after all....?


Filename: charmed.pdf
ISBN: 0425171299
Release Date: 1999
Number of pages: 356
Author: Jayne Ann Krentz
Publisher: Berkley Publishing Group

Download and read online Charmed in PDF and EPUB Four enchanting Halloween tales of love, enchantment, psychic powers, ghostly hauntings, and magical spells feature the work of Jayne Ann Krentz, Julie Beard, Lori Foster, and Eileen Weeks. Original.

The Kidnapped Bride

Filename: the-kidnapped-bride.pdf
ISBN: 9781459271913
Release Date: 2011-07-15
Number of pages: 192
Author: Metsy Hingle
Publisher: Harlequin

Download and read online The Kidnapped Bride in PDF and EPUB SHANGHAIED FROM THE CHURCH? Slung over the broad shoulders of her ex-fiancé as he kidnapped her from the church was not the way Lorelei Mason had envisioned her wedding day to her new fiancé. Jack Storm had left her at the altar once; now he had the nerve to want her back! Jack had made the biggest mistake of his life when he was a no-show for his wedding. Now he hoped Lorelei would fall in love with him again. And only then would he take her back to the church—to marry him! RIGHT BRIDE, WRONG GROOM: Marrying Mr. Almost-Right is all wrong, especially when the perfect man is ready to sweep you into his arms!

The Edible Woman

Filename: the-edible-woman.pdf
ISBN: 9781405520058
Release Date: 2012-06-28
Number of pages: 368
Author: Margaret Atwood
Publisher: Hachette UK

Download and read online The Edible Woman in PDF and EPUB Marian is determined to be ordinary. She lays her head gently on the shoulder of her serious fiancee and quietly awaits marriage. But she didn't count on an inner rebellion that would rock her stable routine, and her digestion. Marriage a la mode, Marian discovers, is something she literally can't stomach ... The Edible Woman is a funny, engaging novel about emotional cannibalism, men and women, and desire to be consumed. 'Margaret Atwood not only has a sense of humour, she has wit and style in abundance ... a joy to read' Good Housekeeping 'Written with a brilliant angry energy' Observer 'A witty, elegant, generous and patient writer' Punch

The Bridal Arrangement

Filename: the-bridal-arrangement.pdf
ISBN: 9781459204454
Release Date: 2011-03-21
Number of pages: 192
Author: Cindy Gerard
Publisher: Silhouette

Download and read online The Bridal Arrangement in PDF and EPUB Lee Savage thundered into Montana to claim what was his-Shiloh Ranch and a virgin bride. As a young man he'd watched Ellie Shiloh come into this world, and now Lee's promise to protect the naïve young beauty bound them forever. Ellie's feelings for him glittered in her sensuous, admiring eyes, but for Lee, matrimony did not mean love. Still, their marriage bed was not off-limits, for Ellie was eager for her first taste of ecstasy. Despite their perfect harmony in the bedroom, this bridegroom would never confess to needing his wife! The stirring in his soul, that tornado of emotion, was merely duty-or could it be love?

Simply Love

Filename: simply-love.pdf
ISBN: 9780061752063
Release Date: 2009-03-17
Number of pages: 400
Author: Catherine Anderson
Publisher: Zondervan

Download and read online Simply Love in PDF and EPUB Even the hardest heart can be softened by love ... Cassandra Zerek is a true innocent in a wild anddangerous place -- but her indomitable spirit and gentle soul make her stronger than anyone suspects. The owner of a Colorado mining empire, Luke Taggart's wealth and position can buy him anything, yet he has grown bored with a life of saloons, gambling, and loose women. Nothing soothes his restless inner yearning -- until he spies Cassandra, as fresh and pure as a spring morning, and vows he will possess her. The radiant, charmingly naïve youngbeauty seems blind to the depth of Luke's desire or the lengths he is willing to go to seduce her. But the lady is wise, with an unwavering faith in the magical powers of love. And she's determined to awaken the good man hiding in Luke's tormented heart, for only one precious giftwill truly win her: his deep, passionate, and unsullied love.

Silk Scarves and Seduction

Filename: silk-scarves-and-seduction.pdf
ISBN: 9781625179883
Release Date: 2016-09-05
Number of pages: 172
Author: Shiloh Walker
Publisher: Shiloh Walker

Download and read online Silk Scarves and Seduction in PDF and EPUB Marc has a secret admirer...or maybe not so secret. The black and white photographs were the first clue. The silk scarf was the second. Marc didn't need any other hints. The sensual, secretive gifts were all Blush Taylor. Blush-the girl who had driven him crazy since high school. The question is...why is she taunting him with these sexy gifts? And why now? includes a bonus story, One Night With You

Mother of the Bride

Filename: mother-of-the-bride.pdf
ISBN: 9781424552368
Release Date: 2016-06-01
Number of pages: 160
Author: Cheryl Barker
Publisher: BroadStreet Publishing Group LLC

Download and read online Mother of the Bride in PDF and EPUB Mothers in today’s world wear many hats and struggle to keep the stress in their lives at manageable levels. Add the delightful but demanding new hat of mother of the bride (MOB) to the roles they are already juggling, and you have a host of middle-aged moms pushed to their limits, in desperate need of an empathetic voice and moments of nourishing relaxation. While trying to maintain life as they knew it before their daughter’s big announcements, MOBs are called upon to magically morph into wedding planners, help their daughters navigate the journey to the altar, and establish new and loving relationships with their prospective sons- in-law and their families. With all focus, financial and otherwise, dedicated to the brides and the weddings themselves, the needs of mothers of the bride are overlooked. Mother of the Bride will help MOBs step away from the hurried pace of daily life complicated by a demanding new role. It will offer them the refreshment found in discovering community as they take time for themselves—time to be encouraged, to gain helpful insight and practical tips, and to enjoy the feminine beauty of a book designed just for them. Through essays featuring relevant quotes or Scriptures, personal stories, nuggets of wisdom, simple suggestions for personal pampering, journaling opportunities, communication aids, and practical tips for wedding planning, Mother of the Bride will nurture the all-important but too often neglected mother of the bride.

Romance Fiction

Filename: romance-fiction.pdf
ISBN: 9781591581772
Release Date: 2012
Number of pages: 719
Author: Kristin Ramsdell
Publisher: ABC-CLIO

Download and read online Romance Fiction in PDF and EPUB Presents a comprehensive guide for librarians and readers' advisors, provides a brief history of the romance novel, and offers reading lists and subgenre definitions.

My Secret Scarata Mia

Filename: my-secret-scarata-mia.pdf
ISBN: 1475960360
Release Date: 2012-11-26
Number of pages: 692
Author: Hélène Lapaire Justus
Publisher: iUniverse

Download and read online My Secret Scarata Mia in PDF and EPUB Five years ago, Katteya Gray’s best friend, Gentle Fawn, died a violent death, and her case still remains unsolved. Katteya, a well-known shaman and psychic, has acquired some pretty strong investigative skills, assisting in criminal cases around the world. Now she has decided to put those abilities in action to discover the real reason for her friend’s brutal murder. Her family estate, Moonbow, waits for her. Katteya not only must face the facts of her friend’s untimely demise; she also has dramatic ancestral issues to work out. The Gray family clings tightly to its secrets, and perhaps, as Katteya seeks the killer of Gentle Fawn, she may also solve some mysteries from her own shadowy past. Encountering her old mentor and past classmates, Katteya navigates her home town and gets closer to the violent truth. Her mind is somewhat muddled by a newfound love interest, and the truth seems to be buried deeper and deeper beneath decades of mountain lies. Will Katteya solve the murder of Gentle Fawn, or will the secrets of Moonbow be her ultimate undoing?

The Baby Bonus

Filename: the-baby-bonus.pdf
ISBN: 9781459213449
Release Date: 2011-06-20
Number of pages: 192
Author: Metsy Hingle
Publisher: Harlequin

Download and read online The Baby Bonus in PDF and EPUB Wealthy Regan St. Claire had been pure innocence--and temptation. Only, she'd come into Cole Thornton's life too soon, before he could make himself into somebody. He'd almost thought that didn't matter to her. But then she'd left him, and he'd sworn he'd never think of her again.... A baby! Regan couldn't believe her dream was coming true. Nor that her sperm donor was Cole, the man her late father had forced her to leave. She agreed to remarry Cole, now a millionaire, hoping to show him her heart had always belonged to him. But dare Regan hope this child could save their love?

Emotionally Engaged

Filename: emotionally-engaged.pdf
ISBN: 1440649634
Release Date: 2006-12-26
Number of pages: 240
Author: Allison Moir-Smith
Publisher: Penguin

Download and read online Emotionally Engaged in PDF and EPUB From the country’s foremost expert on “cold feet,” a smart and compassionate guide for the bride-to-be who thinks she should be blissfully happy—but is freaking out instead For most brides, the elation of engagement is accompanied by a cocktail of unexpected emotions: Anxiety about making a lifelong commitment. Sadness about leaving their single life behind. Confusion when even simple decisions—should we serve chicken cordon bleu or beef Wellington?—bring them to tears. Worst of all, since everyone around them expects them to be happy, few brides feel there’s anyone to turn to with these conflicting feelings. Written by one of Modern Bride’s “25 Trendsetters of 2006”—and targeting the 2.5 million women who get engaged each year—Emotionally Engagedis the only book geared toward helping brides survive their engagements and emerge as stronger, happier, better- adjusted married women. In the book, Allison Moir-Smith shares her threestage, tried-and-true process from her workshops and individual therapy sessions, along with the stories of over a dozen brides-to-be and newlyweds, helping readers transform their bridal blues into bridal bliss.

Buff Brides

Filename: buff-brides.pdf
ISBN: 0307482561
Release Date: 2010-03-03
Number of pages: 160
Author: Sue Fleming
Publisher: Villard

Download and read online Buff Brides in PDF and EPUB From dumbbells to wedding bells . . . Whether you have six months or just six weeks until your wedding day, Buff Brides is an invaluable must-have for every bride-to-be. Buff Brides is a comprehensive, fully illustrated fitness book by a New York City personal trainer who has helped hundreds of brides get into shape over the past decade. Providing clear, concise instructions and photographs for each exercise, Sue Fleming knows what brides want the most. From toned triceps for sleeveless dresses to flat abs for the honeymoon bikini, Buff Brides provides results. Why Buff Brides? Well, are you • Running out of time? Buff Brides features a 12-week crash course as well as the 24-week optimal program that works for any body type! •Short on space? No need to panic—all of these exercises can be done right in your own home, with minimal equipment. •Stressing out? Helpful stress-relieving stretches will calm your pre-wedding jitters! •Having sleeveless-dress anxiety? Easy-to-follow exercises will show you how to tone your arms and make your back look fabulous! •Concerned about a specific target area? From thighs to abs to triceps, Buff Brides has the exercise for every bride-to-be’s problem area! •About to settle for the first dress you see? Buff Brides offers helpful hints for choosing a wedding dress that best suits your body type. Incorporating fitness tips, motivational secrets, and wedding-planning reminders, Buff Brides will help you look great and make it to the altar on time. From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Wedding Night A Popular History

Filename: the-wedding-night-a-popular-history.pdf
ISBN: 9780313392115
Release Date: 2011-04-07
Number of pages: 256
Author: Jane Merrill
Publisher: ABC-CLIO

Download and read online The Wedding Night A Popular History in PDF and EPUB This enlightening narrative takes a look at the wedding night—its origins, history, customs, cultural expressions, and fictional representations through the ages. • 15 paintings, illustrations, sculptures, and cartoons that depict aspects of the wedding night throughout history • Numerous texts and quotations from primary sources that underscore historical practices and mores • An appendix of movies that feature important wedding nights