Good Women Get Angry

Filename: good-women-get-angry.pdf
ISBN: 089283935X
Release Date: 1995
Number of pages: 297
Author: Gary J. Oliver
Publisher: Vine Books

Download and read online Good Women Get Angry in PDF and EPUB Dr. Oliver and Dr. Wright extensively surveyed women from many walks of life, exploring with them what they believe about anger and charting a new and healthy plan for handling this important emotion. With sensitivity and understanding, they provide tools for expressing anger constructively in the various spheres of a woman's life.


Filename: crazymakers.pdf
ISBN: 9781418529932
Release Date: 2003-11-17
Number of pages: 256
Author: Paul Meier
Publisher: Thomas Nelson Inc

Download and read online Crazymakers in PDF and EPUB Living with insensitive, tactless, careless, inattentive, difficult, self-absorbed, neglectful, damaging, condemning, harsh, hard, treacherous, deceiving, prejudiced, and paralyzing people...can make you crazy! Chances are, there's at least one person like that in your life right now-a person who is always right. Behavior ranges from indifference and unconcern to complete narcissism and destruction. Dr. Paul Meier and Dr. Robert Wise created this important text to assist you in recognizing this behavior and dealing with it. Their most important message: It's not you! It's them! The doctors' insight will help you understand how narcissistic people think and how they affect those around them. Finally, they offer Seven Steps to help you walk out of a crisis with someone like this.

Little Woman in Blue

Filename: little-woman-in-blue.pdf
ISBN: 9781631529887
Release Date: 2015-09-15
Number of pages: 280
Author: Jeannine Atkins
Publisher: She Writes Press

Download and read online Little Woman in Blue in PDF and EPUB May Alcott spends her days sewing blue shirts for Union soldiers, but she dreams of painting a masterpiece—which many say is impossible for a woman—and of finding love, too. When she reads her sister’s wildly popular novel, Little Women, she is stung by Louisa’s portrayal of her as “Amy,” the youngest of four sisters who trades her desire to succeed as an artist for the joys of hearth and home. Determined to prove her talent, May makes plans to move far from Massachusetts and make a life for herself with room for both watercolors and a wedding dress. Can she succeed? And if she does, what price will she have to pay? Based May Alcott’s letters and diaries, as well as memoirs written by her neighbors, Little Woman in Blue puts May at the center of the story she might have told about sisterhood and rivalry in an extraordinary family.

A Woman s Forbidden Emotion

Filename: a-woman-s-forbidden-emotion.pdf
ISBN: 9781441225542
Release Date: 2005-01-26
Number of pages: 214
Author: Gary J. Oliver
Publisher: Revell

Download and read online A Woman s Forbidden Emotion in PDF and EPUB Did you know that it is okay to get angry? In fact, anger is a proper and godly response to some of the challenges we face. Written specifically for women and counselors, this insightful and practical book corrects the popular notion that good Christian women should never get angry--not for any reason, not at anyone, not ever. While the Bible admonishes believers to be long-suffering, it also shows how anger can be a vital tool in God's hands for bringing about needed change.

Warrior Wives

Filename: warrior-wives.pdf
ISBN: 9781632327529
Release Date: 2014-08-27
Number of pages:
Author: Kathy Schoenborn
Publisher: Redemption Press

Download and read online Warrior Wives in PDF and EPUB Every week, thousands of women sit in church, silently agonizing over their crumbling marriages. Seriously hurting marriages are not a popular topic in the church, and few specifically designed resources have been available to help save the fifty percent of marriages in the church that end in divorce-until now. Written by a professional counselor whose marriage once nearly ended, "Warrior Wives: Marriage is Worth Fighting For," formerly published as "I Want to Stay Married, But How?" will: • Assure you that you are not alone. • Restore your hope. • Challenge you to become more fully who God made you to be. • Change the way you think about and do relationships. • Convince you that one healthy person - you - can change a marriage.

Living with Stress

Filename: living-with-stress.pdf
ISBN: 0899008526
Release Date: 1999
Number of pages: 122
Author: Charles R. Gerber
Publisher: College Press

Download and read online Living with Stress in PDF and EPUB Have you ever felt stressed out? Everyone does at one point or another, it just comes with being alive. Some stress gets you ready for the day's experiences (I want to get to work on time). Other stress can have negative influences on your life (the speeding ticket received while trying to get to work on time). Our perspective toward how we view various stress points will determine whether stress is helpful or hurtful. If we learn the biblical principles of dealing with stress, we will be equipped to live holy and happy lives.

The Dance of Anger

Filename: the-dance-of-anger.pdf
ISBN: 9780062328526
Release Date: 2014-03-25
Number of pages: 256
Author: Harriet Lerner
Publisher: Harper Collins

Download and read online The Dance of Anger in PDF and EPUB "Anger is a signal and one worth listening to," writes Dr. Harriet Lerner, in her renowned classic that has transformed the lives of millions of readers.While anger deserves our attention and respect, women still learn to silence our anger, to deny it entirely, or to vent it in a way that leaves us feeling helpless and powerless. In this engaging and eminently wise book, Dr. Lerner teaches women to identify the true sources of our anger and to use anger as a powerful vehicle for creating lasting change.

Winning over Your Emotions

Filename: winning-over-your-emotions.pdf
ISBN: 9780736947145
Release Date: 2012-04-01
Number of pages: 192
Author: H. Norman Wright
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers

Download and read online Winning over Your Emotions in PDF and EPUB Bestselling author and respected Christian counselor H. Norman Wright offers practical advice on handling the emotions that overwhelm everyone at times. Covering grief, anxiety, worry, anger, depression, stress, and more, he explains the positive benefits of each emotion and provides steps for dealing with them. In Winning over Your Emotions, readers will discover: detailed definitions; positive and negative aspects of emotions; symptoms and manifestations; biblical examples of how emotions are felt and handled; healthy ways to alleviate symptoms during crises; keys to resolving problem situations and emotions; suggestions for keeping emotions manageable. This easy-to-understand, helpful book shows readers how to transform their troubling emotions into constructive actions that will help resolve conflicts, ease stress, and make life more enjoyable and fulfilling. Rerelease with new cover.

Taking A Stand

Filename: taking-a-stand.pdf
ISBN: 9781620952825
Release Date: 2006-10-16
Number of pages: 396
Author: Janet Lynn Mitchell
Publisher: BookBaby

Download and read online Taking A Stand in PDF and EPUB Taking a Stand is one of the most powerful stories of courage and endurance that I have read in years. Riveting and engaging, the story kept me intrigued every step of the way. This is not just a medical-malpractice legal thriller; the pages are filled with romance, laughter, disbelief, rage, anger, joy, faith, and perseverance. It is a love story, a story of overcoming obstacles, a story of determination, a story of hope. You can't help feeling as if you are right beside Janet Lynn Mitchell every step of the way, gasping, praying, and wanting to know what could possibly happen next. Janet’s story exposes the many cracks in the medical and judicial system that we trust to protect us. It’s shocking but true: Medical malpractice is the eighth most common cause of death in America. Janet offers excellent advice pertaining to the readers’ own medical care and how they can partner with their doctors to prevent mistakes. Thanks to Janet for sharing the pain she has had to endure, both physically and emotionally. We can know for sure that we are not alone . . . that it's all right to be angry, sad, even depressed, and it's okay not to remain silent! Contrary to popular belief, as Christians, we must take a stand when it comes to injustice. It might just save someone’s life.

Blood Highway

Filename: blood-highway.pdf
ISBN: 9780786036233
Release Date: 2008-01-01
Number of pages: 304
Author: Sheila Johnson
Publisher: Pinnacle Books

Download and read online Blood Highway in PDF and EPUB Dead Wrong On January 23, 2000, already battered by an ice storm, the rural Alabama resort town of Mentone was about to be struck by an even more terrifying freak catastrophe. Hurtling down the highway in a Lincoln Town Car was Hayward Bissell, a 400-pound madman on a murder rampage. Ramming the pickup truck of Don and Rhea Pirch, Bissell lured Don Pirch on to the road, running him down with his car. Dead Reckoning Bissell next targeted the home of James and Sue Pumphrey. After stabbing James Pumphrey in the stomach, Bissell was thwarted by two family dogs, who gave their lives to protect their owners. Their sacrifice bought Pumphrey enough time to get a gun and scare off Bissell--who didn't know the weapon was actually inoperable. Dead End When Bissell was finally stopped, police discovered that he wasn't alone. Occupying the passenger seat beside him was the mutilated, partially dismembered body of his pregnant girlfriend, Patricia Ann Booher. In February 2002, Bissell pled "guilty but insane" and was sent to prison for life. Was he really crazy? Or was he crazy like a fox, turning it on and off to try to beat a death sentence for Booher's murder. . . Includes 16 Pages Of Shocking Photos

Manning Up

Filename: manning-up.pdf
ISBN: 9780465031405
Release Date: 2012-03-06
Number of pages: 248
Author: Kay S. Hymowitz
Publisher: Basic Books

Download and read online Manning Up in PDF and EPUB In Manning Up, Manhattan Institute fellow and City Journal contributing editor Kay Hymowitz argues that the gains of the feminist revolution have had a dramatic, unanticipated effect on the current generation of young men. Traditional roles of family man and provider have been turned upside down as “pre-adult” men, stuck between adolescence and “real” adulthood, find themselves lost in a world where women make more money, are more educated, and are less likely to want to settle down and build a family. Their old scripts are gone, and young men find themselves adrift. Unlike women, they have no biological clock telling them it's time to grow up. Hymowitz argues that it's time for these young men to “man up.”

Situating Sadness

Filename: situating-sadness.pdf
ISBN: 9780814708552
Release Date: 2003-05-01
Number of pages: 228
Author: Janet M. Stoppard
Publisher: NYU Press

Download and read online Situating Sadness in PDF and EPUB It is well known that depression occurs more often in women than in men. It is the most commonly encountered mental health problem among women and ranks overall as one of the most important women's health problems. Researchers have studied depression a great deal, yet women's depression has rarely been the primary focus. The contexts of women's lives which might contribute to their depression are not often addressed by the mental health establishment, which tends to focus on biological factors. Situating Sadness sheds light on the influence of sociocultural factors, such as economic distress, child-bearing or child-care difficulties, or feelings of powerlessness which may play a significant role, and points to the importance of context for understanding women’s depression. Situating Sadness draws on research in the United States and other parts of the world to look at depression through the eyes of women, exploring what being depressed is like in diverse social and cultural circumstances. It demonstrates that understanding depression requires close attention to the social context in which women become depressed.

Say Good Night to Insomnia

Filename: say-good-night-to-insomnia.pdf
ISBN: 9781429932059
Release Date: 2009-09-15
Number of pages: 240
Author: Gregg D. Jacobs
Publisher: Henry Holt and Company

Download and read online Say Good Night to Insomnia in PDF and EPUB Introduction by Dr. Herbert Benson, author of The Relaxation Response A drug-free, scientifically proven program for conquering insomnia in six weeks. At least thirty million adults ure the stress of severe, chronic insomnia, and the numbers of sufferers aregrowing. Dr. Gregg Jacobs has used the six-week program offered in Say Good Night to Insomnia to help thousands of insomnia sufferers at the Behavioral Medicine Insomnia Program at Boston's Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, a major teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School. The program succeeds by helping insomniacs change the way they think about sleep, making it a friend instead of an enemy. Among the many topics addressed are these: * Developing a sleep enhancing lifestyle including diet, exercise, and an understanding of the importance of body temperature * Stopping a depency on sleeping pills * Managing negative emotions, stress, and anxiety * Quieting the mind and body to enhance inner feelings of peace Say Good Night to Insomnia is an empowering book that lets insomniacs take control of their minds and bodies by giving them the knowledge and techniques to overcome their problem forever.

Radical History Review

Filename: radical-history-review.pdf
ISBN: 0521637619
Release Date: 1998-06-04
Number of pages: 204
Author: Marho Staff Rhr Collective
Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Download and read online Radical History Review in PDF and EPUB This issue of Radical History Review brings together articles on the ways women exert power, as well as gendered social relations that limit and complicate their access to power. Dora Dumont unravels the methods of eighteenth-century women textile workers who made the most of their exclusion from the dominant labor guilds. Andy Daitsman examines the legal and economic workings of patriarchy in nineteenth-century Chile and finds women making unexpected places for themselves in the public sphere. Using the private diary and public activism of Ida B. Wells, Patricia A. Schechter considers the conflict between anger and respectability for African-American women reformers at the turn of the twentieth century. Women and Power also features new works in the ongoing sections entitled Public History, Teaching Radical History, and the Past in Print.