Joyce Rupp

Filename: joyce-rupp.pdf
ISBN: 9781608336999
Release Date: 2017-04-20
Number of pages:
Author: Rupp, Joyce
Publisher: Orbis Books

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James Martin

Filename: james-martin.pdf
ISBN: 9781608336784
Release Date: 2017-03-16
Number of pages:
Author: Martin, James
Publisher: Orbis Books

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Modern Spiritual Masters

Filename: modern-spiritual-masters.pdf
ISBN: 1570757887
Release Date: 2008
Number of pages: 183
Author: Robert Ellsberg

Download and read online Modern Spiritual Masters in PDF and EPUB "Through biographical reflections and selected writings, this anthology highlights the essential teachings of a dozen modern spiritual masters, each of whom embodied a form of engaged spirituality - attuned both to God and the needs of a wounded world. Each opposed a style of spirituality focused entirely on the inner life, while at the same lime stressing the importance of prayer and silence as the foundation for service and activism. Balancing contemplation and compassion, these figures - including some of the world's best-known spiritual writers - represent a model of spirituality sensitive to tradition as well as the challenges of our time."--BOOK JACKET.


Filename: prayer.pdf
ISBN: 9781608330102
Release Date: 2007-01-01
Number of pages: 127
Author: Joyce Rupp
Publisher: Orbis Books

Download and read online Prayer in PDF and EPUB A best selling author inspires us not only to talk to God but to listen to the "still, small voice of God" within us. Joyce Rupp opens up the scriptures that teach us how to pray and applies them to our daily lives. She encourages us "to pray always" through an awareness of God "in whom we live and move and have our being." Filled with personal experiences, erxamples, and life-lessons, "Prayer" is spiritual reading at its best for Christians of all denominations.

Prayer for Parish Groups

Filename: prayer-for-parish-groups.pdf
ISBN: 9780884896203
Release Date: 1998
Number of pages: 252
Author: Donal Harrington
Publisher: Saint Mary's Press

Download and read online Prayer for Parish Groups in PDF and EPUB The 100 prayer services in this book can be easily adapted for specific needs, and treat a wide variety of themes including the natural and liturgical seasons, feasts, and significant moments in human life.

Vesper Time

Filename: vesper-time.pdf
ISBN: 1626982317
Release Date: 2017-02
Number of pages: 144
Author: Frank Cunningham

Download and read online Vesper Time in PDF and EPUB With humor and grace the author explores the idea that growing old, all by itself, is a spiritual exercise that can bring peace, assurance, gratitude, and love.

Bede Griffiths

Filename: bede-griffiths.pdf
ISBN: 1570752001
Release Date: 2004-01
Number of pages: 128
Author: Bede Griffiths

Download and read online Bede Griffiths in PDF and EPUB Bede Griffiths, who died in 1994, was an English Benedictine monk who settled in India in 1955 and went on to become one of the great mystical teachers of our time. In India, where he assumed the dress and ascetic discipline of a Hindu holy man, Griffiths established a Christian community following the customs of a Hindu ashram. Through his immersion in the scriptures of India, he found wisdom and inspiration for his own Christian faith. This volume, which draws on his autobiographical volumes and his many other books, presents the ideal entry to the cosmic and mystical spirituality of a great spiritual guide.

The Wounded Angel

Filename: the-wounded-angel.pdf
ISBN: 9780814646472
Release Date: 2017-02-10
Number of pages: 242
Author: Paul Lakeland
Publisher: Liturgical Press

Download and read online The Wounded Angel in PDF and EPUB In this unique book, readers are taken on a journey to explore the role of the imagination in the face of mystery, whether it be the mystery of God, whose full reality lies beyond our earthly horizons, or the deepest mysteries of life hinted at in the work of fiction. By attending to a series of novels, Paul Lakeland proposes serious fiction as an antidote to the failure of the religious imagination today and shows how literature might lead the secular mind at least to the threshold of mystery.

Blessed Among Us

Filename: blessed-among-us.pdf
ISBN: 9780814647455
Release Date: 2016-07-07
Number of pages: 792
Author: Robert Ellsberg
Publisher: Liturgical Press

Download and read online Blessed Among Us in PDF and EPUB Since the early centuries, Christians have held up the saints as models of living the Gospel of Jesus Christ. While the church officially recognizes a relatively small number of saints, the actual roster is infinitely wider. Blessed Among Us explores this eclectic “cloud of witnesses”—lay and religious, single and married, canonized and not, and even non-Christians whose faith and wisdom may illuminate our path. Brought to life in the evocative storytelling of Robert Ellsberg, they inspire the moral imagination and give witness to the myriad ways of holiness. In two stories per day for a full calendar year, Ellsberg sketches figures from biblical times to the present age and from all corners of this world—ordinary figures whose extraordinary lives point to the new age in the world to come. Blessed Among Us is drawn from Ellsberg’s acclaimed column of the same name in Give Us This Day, a monthly resource for daily prayer published by Liturgical Press.

American Book Publishing Record

Filename: american-book-publishing-record.pdf
ISBN: UOM:39015066180392
Release Date: 2006
Number of pages:

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The Jesuit Guide to Almost Everything

Filename: the-jesuit-guide-to-almost-everything.pdf
ISBN: 0061981400
Release Date: 2010-03-09
Number of pages: 448
Author: James Martin
Publisher: Harper Collins

Download and read online The Jesuit Guide to Almost Everything in PDF and EPUB The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything by the Revered James Martin, SJ (My Life with the Saints) is a practical spiritual guidebook based on the life and teachings of St. Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Society of Jesus. Centered around the Ignatian goal of “finding God in all things,” The Jesuit Guide to Almost Everything shows us how to manage relationships, money, work, prayer, and decision-making, all while keeping a sense of humor. Filled with user-friendly examples, humorous stories, and anecdotes from the heroic and inspiring lives of Jesuit saints and average priests and brothers, The Jesuit Guide to Almost Everything is sure to appeal to fans of Kathleen Norris, Richard Rohr, Anne Lamott, and other Christian Spiritual writers.

Forthcoming Books

Filename: forthcoming-books.pdf
ISBN: UOM:39015046790948
Release Date: 1999
Number of pages:
Author: Catherine Lanigan

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