My Year Off: Recovering Life After a Stroke

Filename: my-year-off-recovering-life-after-a-stroke.pdf
ISBN: 0767904001
Release Date: 1999-09-07
Number of pages:
Author: Robert McCrum
Publisher: Broadway Books

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My Year Off

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ISBN: 067697239X
Release Date:
Number of pages:
Author: Robert McCrum
Publisher: Picador

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My Year Off: Recovering Life After a Stroke

Filename: my-year-off-recovering-life-after-a-stroke.pdf
ISBN: 0393350053
Release Date: 1998-09-17
Number of pages:
Author: Robert McCrum
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

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My Weird School #5: Miss Small Is off the Wall!

Filename: my-weird-school-5-miss-small-is-off-the-wall.pdf
ISBN: 0060745185
Release Date: 2005-01-04
Number of pages:
Author: Dan Gutman
Publisher: HarperCollins

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My Year Off

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ISBN: 033045711X
Release Date:
Number of pages:
Publisher: Picador USA

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My Year Off

Filename: my-year-off.pdf
ISBN: 9781447289272
Release Date: 2015-06-18
Number of pages:
Author: Robert McCrum
Publisher: Pan Macmillan

Download and read online My Year Off in PDF and EPUB With an introduction by Henry Marsh, author of Do No Harm My brain, which had just let me down so badly, was perhaps never so active. The paramedics' question was a fundamental one. Who are you? Yes indeed. Who am I? Robert McCrum was forty-two when he suffered a massive stroke which left one side of his body totally paralysed, his speech drastically impaired, and his sense of himself radically altered. What followed was a prolonged period of recovery, full of heart ache and frustration, as he gradually regained sensation, movement and self-esteem and as his family pulled together in the extraordinary effort necessary to make him well again. My Year Off is a moving story of determination, courage and love that sings with wit and honesty. An invaluable insight into the reality of life after stroke, the moments of hope, the anger and despair, this is a touching classic that gives voice to millions.

My Year Off

Filename: my-year-off.pdf
ISBN: 9780307363695
Release Date: 2011-11-30
Number of pages: 244
Author: Robert McCrum
Publisher: Vintage Canada

Download and read online My Year Off in PDF and EPUB A Publishers Weekly Best Book of 1998. "To all concerned, this book is meant to send a ghostly signal across the dark universe of ill-health that says 'you are not alone.'" - Robert McCrum On July 29, 1995, Robert McCrum, 42, married only ten weeks, suffered a paralyzing stroke. Overnight, his life shifted irrevocably. But this admired novelist and former editorial director of the London publishing house Faber and Faber decided to chronicle what became a remarkable journey "into that mysterious, unexplored territory, the neighbourly world of the unwell," as well as a deeply moving love story.

My Year Off

Filename: my-year-off.pdf
ISBN: 9780330539494
Release Date: 2010-12-17
Number of pages: 256
Author: Robert McCrum
Publisher: Pan Macmillan

Download and read online My Year Off in PDF and EPUB 'When I was just forty-two I suffered a severe stroke. Paralysed on my left side and unable to walk, I was confined to hospital for three months, then spent about a year recovering, slowly getting myself back into the world. When I was seriously ill in hospital, I longed to read a book that would tell me that I might expect in convalescence and also give me something to think about. . .' 'Not only a riveting account of his sudden illness, but of love being put under a real test: a heart-warming triumph' Kazuo Ishiguro, Sunday Times Books of the Year 'With its lucid heartfelt prose, My Year Off gives voice to the millions of people who suffer strokes . . . More importantly, this book is a testament to the parallel trials and courage of the family members of stroke victims' New York Times Book Review 'Few of us can write in perfect health with the wit, skill, honesty and compassion that McCrum manages following a stroke' Professor Anthony Clare At the age of forty-two, happy, successful and newly married, Robert McCrum suffered a devastating stroke. It occurred without explanation, leaving his left arm and leg completely paralysed, his speech virtually absent, and his sense of himself radically altered. My Year Off is the searingly honest account of what followed: of McCrum’s anger, despair and frustration; his violent mood swings; and his gradual recovery of sensation, movement, confidence and self-esteem. Including extracts from his diary and that of his wife Sarah, it is not only an invaluable insight into the suffering of stroke victims and their families, but also a moving story of determination, courage and love.

One Year Off

Filename: one-year-off.pdf
ISBN: 9781504014007
Release Date: 2015-06-16
Number of pages: 262
Author: David Elliot Cohen
Publisher: Open Road Media

Download and read online One Year Off in PDF and EPUB Have you ever wanted to take a year off from your life? A meandering, serendipitous journey around the world with your family? It sounds impossible. But one day, David Elliot Cohen, co-creator of the bestselling Day in the Life and America 24/7 book series, decided to make this dream a reality. Over the course of six months, he and his wife sold their house, cars, and most of their possessions. He closed his business and pulled their three young children out of school. With only a suitcase, a backpack, and a passport per person, the Cohen family set off on a rollicking round-the-world journey filled with laugh-out-loud mishaps, heart-pounding adventures, and unforeseen epiphanies. In Botswana, the Cohens’s tiny motorboat is charged by a hippo. In Zimbabwe, lions ambush a buffalo outside the family’s tent. In Australia, their young daughter is caught in a riptide and nearly pulled out to sea. In One Year Off, you can join the family on a trek up a Costa Rican volcano, cruise the canals of Burgundy by houseboat, and ride ferries through the Greek Islands. Later, as the Cohens wander further off the tourist trail, you can drive through the villages of Rajasthan, traverse the vast Australian Nullarbor, and discover the charms of Cambodia’s Angkor Wat and the hidden shangri-las of northern Laos. Over the course of these adventures, the Cohens learn to live as a family twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spend time together without the distractions of modern life. The author rediscovers the world through his children’s eyes and gains new perspective of his own life. This humorous, heartfelt story is the next best thing to taking the trip yourself

My Year Off Men

Filename: my-year-off-men.pdf
ISBN: 9781452587561
Release Date: 2013-12-13
Number of pages: 104
Author: Kelly Alexander
Publisher: BalboaPress

Download and read online My Year Off Men in PDF and EPUB In My Year Off Men, Kelly Alexander reveals what happened when she made a One Year resolution to take a year off the search for a man to search within. Her Eat Pray Love–type journey, mixed in with a smattering of He’s Just Not That into You humor turned into a guide for her girlfriends who were having a terrible time in the dating scene. Taking a “man-batical” offers a woman a chance to focus on herself for the next year of her life without the distraction of wondering, “What does he think?”—because who cares; this year is all about you! Just as Kelly discovered during her year off from men, you too can learn to put yourself first, find out what you really want in a partner, and never again settle for less than you deserve. What are you waiting for? Start your year off men today! “Kelly Alexander’s book, My Year Off Men, speaks to women of any age seeking to discover who they really are. Kelly’s ‘Notes to Self’ and ‘Reflections’ at the end of each chapter are insightful signposts for the reader on her path to self discovery.” —Antoinette Asimus, coach, facilitator and senior teaching faculty, Tantra Heart, LLC “My Year Off Men was a truly honest look at the pitfalls that women fall into to be in a relationship. I recommend this book for the person who has been searching for love outside of themselves.” —Helen Everest, author of Finding Home: the Journey Within

Year of Yes

Filename: year-of-yes.pdf
ISBN: 9781476777092
Release Date: 2015-11-10
Number of pages: 336
Author: Shonda Rhimes
Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Download and read online Year of Yes in PDF and EPUB As the mega-talented creator of Grey's Anatomy and Scandal and executive producer of How to Get Away with Murder and the single mom of three children, Shonda Rhimes had lots of good reasons to say NO when an unexpected invitation arrived. Hollywood party? No. Speaking engagement? No. Media appearances? No. [The side benefit of saying No for an introvert like her: nothing new to fear.] Then Shonda's sister laid down a challenge: just for one year, try to say YES to the invitations that come your way. Shonda reluctantly agreed?and the result was nothing short of transformative. In YEAR OF YES, Shonda Rhimes chronicles the powerful impact saying yes had on every aspect of her life?and how we can all change our lives with one little word. Yes.

Mirror Mirror Off the Wall

Filename: mirror-mirror-off-the-wall.pdf
ISBN: 9781101609057
Release Date: 2013-05-02
Number of pages: 320
Author: Kjerstin Gruys
Publisher: Penguin

Download and read online Mirror Mirror Off the Wall in PDF and EPUB A scholar and bride-to-be spends a year without mirrors to get a better view of what really matters When Kjerstin Gruys became engaged, she was thrilled—until it was time to shop for a wedding dress. Having overcome an eating disorder years before, Gruys found herself struggling to maintain a positive self-image; so she decided to refocus her attention. Mirror, Mirror Off the Wall charts Gruys’s awakening as she vows to give up mirrors and other reflective surfaces, relying on friends and her fiancé to help her gauge both her appearance and outlook on life. The result? A renewed focus on what truly matters, regardless of smeared makeup or messy hair. With humorous and poignant scenes from Gruys’ life, Mirror, Mirror Off the Wall sparks important conversations about body image and reclaiming the power to define beauty.


Filename: disrupted.pdf
ISBN: 9781786491015
Release Date: 2016-05-26
Number of pages: 123
Author: Dan Lyons
Publisher: Atlantic Books Ltd

Download and read online Disrupted in PDF and EPUB Dan Lyons was Technology Editor at Newsweek Magazine for years, a magazine writer at the top of his profession. One Friday morning he received a phone call: his job no longer existed. Fifty years old and with a wife and two young kids, Dan was unemployed and facing financial oblivion. Then an idea hit. Dan had long reported on Silicon Valley and the tech explosion. Why not join it? HubSpot, a Boston start-up, was flush with $100 million in venture capital. They offered Dan a pile of stock options for the nebulous role of "marketing fellow." What could possibly go wrong? What follows is a hilarious and excoriating account of Dan's time at the start-up and a revealing window onto the dysfunctional culture that prevails in a world flush with cash and devoid of experience. Filled with stories of meaningless jargon, teddy bears at meetings, push-up competitions and all-night parties, this uproarious tale is also a trenchant analysis of the dysfunctional start-up world, a de facto conspiracy between those who start companies and those who fund them. It is a world where bad ideas are rewarded with hefty investments, where companies blow money lavishing perks on their post-collegiate workforces, and where everybody is trying to hang on just long enough to cash out with a fortune.

My Year Without Matches

Filename: my-year-without-matches.pdf
ISBN: 9781922231543
Release Date: 2014-05-28
Number of pages: 288
Author: Claire Dunn
Publisher: Black Inc.

Download and read online My Year Without Matches in PDF and EPUB In the tradition of Wild and Tracks, one woman’s story of how she left the city and found her soul. Disillusioned and burnt out by her job, Claire Dunn quits a comfortable life to spend a year off the grid in a wilderness survival program. Her new forest home swings between ally and enemy as reality – and the rain – sets in. Claire’s adventure unfolds over four seasons and in the essential order of survival: shelter, water, fire and food. She arrives in summer, buoyant with idealism, and is initially confronted with physical challenges: building a shelter, escaping the vicious insects and making fire without matches. By winter, however, her emotional landscape has become the toughest terrain of all. Can she connect with her inner spirit to guide her journey onwards? Brimming with earthy charm and hard-won wisdom, My Year Without Matches is one woman’s quest for belonging, to the land and to herself. When Claire finally cracks life in the bush wide open, she discovers a wild heart to warm the coldest night. “A brave and adventurous book ... Claire’s writing is full of life and profound surprises.” – Anne Deveson Claire Dunn worked for many years as a campaigner for The Wilderness Society and is now a freelance journalist, writing for The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald, while studying postgraduate psychology. Claire is a passionate advocate for “rewilding” our inner and outer landscapes, and she facilitates nature-based reconnection retreats and contemporary wilderness rites of passage. She currently lives in Newcastle.

Fat Forty and Fired

Filename: fat-forty-and-fired.pdf
ISBN: 9780740788840
Release Date: 2009-01-01
Number of pages: 288
Author: Nigel Marsh
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing

Download and read online Fat Forty and Fired in PDF and EPUB "Homer Simpson meets Anthony Robbins. Marsh's honesty and humanity make Fat, Forty, and Fired essential reading for anyone whose life has ever hit a roadblock. Hilarious and inspiring." --Bob Rosner, best-selling author and internationally syndicated Working Wounded columnist "An extremely funny and touching account of how someone can use humor and optimism to put adversity into perspective. Marsh's warm and distinctive view of life lights up every page and makes this a thoroughly enjoyable read." --Paul Wilson, author of The Little Book of Calm "I can pinpoint the precise moment when I realized my transformation from 'executive dad' to 'guy who doesn't work' was complete." --Nigel Marsh Take Dave Barry, Jack Welch, Homer Simpson, and Ray Romano, mix in a family, a little weight gain, failure, introspection, and redemption, and you have Nigel Marsh's international best-selling autobiography. As a stressed husband and father of four small children under the age of eight, Nigel Marsh was enslaved to his mortgage, recuperating from an embarrassing surgery, and suddenly fired from his corporate career. Deciding to venture "off the treadmill" in search of a more meaningful and balanced existence, Marsh tackled the art of hands-on parenting while simultaneously training for an ocean swimming race and coming to terms with his alcoholism. Touching on topics ranging from marital sex (or lack thereof), dieting, and parenthood to work, love, football, religion, self-help books, and sharks, Marsh makes his U.S. debut after enjoying best-seller status in Australia and the U.K. with this provocative and funny book.

Coach Wooden and Me

Filename: coach-wooden-and-me.pdf
ISBN: 9781455542253
Release Date: 2017-05-16
Number of pages: 288
Author: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Publisher: Hachette UK

Download and read online Coach Wooden and Me in PDF and EPUB INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES AND USA TODAY BESTSELLER Kareem Abdul-Jabbar explores his 50-year friendship with Coach John Wooden, one of the most enduring and meaningful relationships in sports history. When future NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was still an 18-year-old high school basketball prospect from New York City named Lew Alcindor, he accepted a scholarship from UCLA largely on the strength of Coach John Wooden's reputation as a winner. It turned out to be the right choice, as Alcindor and his teammates won an unprecedented three NCAA championship titles. But it also marked the beginning of one of the most extraordinary and enduring friendships in the history of sports. In COACH WOODEN AND ME, Abdul-Jabbar reveals the inspirational story of how his bond with John Wooden evolved from a history-making coach-player mentorship into a deep and genuine friendship that transcended sports, shaped the course of both men's lives, and lasted for half a century. COACH WOODEN AND ME is a stirring tribute to the subtle but profound influence that Wooden had on Kareem as a player, and then as a person, as they began to share their cultural, religious, and family values while facing some of life's biggest obstacles. From his first day of practice, when the players were taught the importance of putting on their athletic socks properly, to gradually absorbing the sublime wisdom of Coach Wooden's now famous "Pyramid of Success"; to learning to cope with the ugly racism that confronted black athletes during the turbulent Civil Rights era as well as losing loved ones, Abdul-Jabbar fondly recalls how Coach Wooden's fatherly guidance not only paved the way for his unmatched professional success but also made possible a lifetime of personal fulfillment. Full of intimate, never-before-published details and delivered with the warmth and erudition of a grateful student who has learned his lessons well, COACH WOODEN AND ME is at once a celebration of the unique philosophical outlook of college basketball's most storied coach and a moving testament to the all-conquering power of friendship.

The Wild Oats Project

Filename: the-wild-oats-project.pdf
ISBN: 9780374710811
Release Date: 2015-03-17
Number of pages: 304
Author: Robin Rinaldi
Publisher: Sarah Crichton Books

Download and read online The Wild Oats Project in PDF and EPUB What if for just one year you let desire call the shots? The project was simple: Robin Rinaldi, a successful magazine journalist, would move into a San Francisco apartment, join a dating site, and get laid. Never mind that she already owned a beautiful flat a few blocks away, that she was forty-four, or that she was married to a man she'd been in love with for eighteen years. What followed—a year of abandon, heartbreak, and unexpected revelation—is the topic of this riveting memoir, The Wild Oats Project. Monogamous and sexually cautious her entire adult life, Rinaldi never planned on an open marriage—her priority as she approached midlife was to start a family. But when her husband insisted on a vasectomy, something snapped. If I'm not going to have children, she told herself, then I'm going to have lovers. During the week, she would live alone, seduce men (and women), attend erotic workshops, and have wall-banging sex. On the weekends, she would go home and be a wife. Her marriage provided safety and love, but she also needed passion, and she was willing to go outside her marriage to find it.At a time when the bestseller lists are topped by books about eroticism and the shifting roles of women, this brave, brutally honest memoir explores how our sexuality defines us, how it relates to maternal longing, and how we must walk the line between loving others and staying true to ourselves. Like the most searing memoirs, The Wild Oats Project challenges our sensibilities, yielding truths that we all can recognize but that few would dare write down.

The Fine Green Line

Filename: the-fine-green-line.pdf
ISBN: 9780767908955
Release Date: 2010-01-20
Number of pages: 336
Author: John Newport
Publisher: Crown Archetype

Download and read online The Fine Green Line in PDF and EPUB What happens when a man leaves home for a year to pursue his dream? One day, playing a particularly spectacular round of golf, husband and father John Paul Newport suddenly tastes what it?s like to be a pro. Deciding to take a year off and hit the road playing golf's mini-tour circuit, Newport embarks on a wild trip through America's fairways. Over the course of his journey inside the somewhat shady, often hilarious underbelly of professional golf, he uncovers a world of people so totally addicted to golf, to the delusion of achievable perfection, that they sacrifice everything else to the quest. He also discovers the nature of his own obsession with the game, and how this constant pursuit of perfection on the golf course reflects the same challenges and frustrations one encounters in life. What does it take to master such an intricate, unpredictable game? In golf, as in life, why is one so consistently incapable of acting up to one's clearly established potential? As Newport struggles to cross that Fine Green Line--the infinitely subtle yet critical difference between the top golf professionals and those who never quite make it--he realizes that life, like golf, doesn't let you get away with anything. This is a story about letting go of fear, facing challenges, and embracing risks--a compelling personal journey that captures many of the frustrations and elations of midlife both on and off the course. From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Year Off

Filename: the-year-off.pdf
ISBN: 9781434945600
Release Date:
Number of pages:
Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

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Vault Insider Guide to Medical School Admissions

Filename: vault-insider-guide-to-medical-school-admissions.pdf
ISBN: 9781581314519
Release Date: 2006
Number of pages: 176
Author: Sujay Kansagra
Publisher: Vault Inc.

Download and read online Vault Insider Guide to Medical School Admissions in PDF and EPUB Over seventy members of the Duke Medical School Class of 2006 have collaborated to detail the successful premed process from choosing an undergraduate major and carrying out research to taking the MCAT, to choosing a school, applying, interviewing, taking time off, the MSTP program and more.