Filename: sisters.pdf
ISBN: 9780545540667
Release Date: 2014-08-26
Number of pages: 208
Author: Raina Telgemeier
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.

Download and read online Sisters in PDF and EPUB Raina Telgemeier’s #1 New York Times bestselling, Eisner Award-winning companion to Smile! Raina can't wait to be a big sister. But once Amara is born, things aren't quite how she expected them to be. Amara is cute, but she's also a cranky, grouchy baby, and mostly prefers to play by herself. Their relationship doesn't improve much over the years, but when a baby brother enters the picture and later, something doesn't seem right between their parents, they realize they must figure out how to get along. They are sisters, after all. Raina uses her signature humor and charm in both present-day narrative and perfectly placed flashbacks to tell the story of her relationship with her sister, which unfolds during the course of a road trip from their home in San Francisco to a family reunion in Colorado.


Filename: sisters.pdf
ISBN: 0545540593
Release Date: 2014
Number of pages: 197
Author: Raina Telgemeier
Publisher: Graphix

Download and read online Sisters in PDF and EPUB In a semi-autobiographical graphic novel, Raina's disappointing bond with a cranky, independent younger sister is further challenged by the arrival of a baby brother and an estrangement in their parents' marriage.


Filename: sisters.pdf
ISBN: 0545540607
Release Date: 2014
Number of pages: 208
Author: Raina Telgemeier
Publisher: Graphix

Download and read online Sisters in PDF and EPUB In a semi-autobiographical graphic novel, Raina's disappointing bond with a cranky, independent younger sister is further challenged by the arrival of a baby brother and an estrangement in their parents' marriage.

Band of Sisters

Filename: band-of-sisters.pdf
ISBN: 9780811740111
Release Date: 2008-08-25
Number of pages: 352
Author: Kirsten Holmstedt
Publisher: Stackpole Books

Download and read online Band of Sisters in PDF and EPUB Now available in paperback. Winner of the 2007 American Authors Association Golden Quill Award. Winner of the 2007 Military Writers Society of America Founder's Award.

We Are Three Sisters

Filename: we-are-three-sisters.pdf
ISBN: 0826262686
Release Date: 2003
Number of pages: 260
Author: Drew Lamonica
Publisher: University of Missouri Press

Download and read online We Are Three Sisters in PDF and EPUB

Shame and Its Sisters

Filename: shame-and-its-sisters.pdf
ISBN: 0822316943
Release Date: 1995
Number of pages: 268
Author: Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick
Publisher: Duke University Press

Download and read online Shame and Its Sisters in PDF and EPUB The question of affect is central to critical theory, psychology, politics, and the entire range of the humanities; but no discipline, including psychoanalysis, has offered a theory of affect that would be rich enough to account for the delicacy and power, the evanescence and durability, the bodily rootedness and the cultural variability of human emotion. Silvan Tomkins (1911–1991) was one of the most radical and imaginative psychologists of the twentieth century. In Affect, Imagery, Consciousness, a four-volume work published over the last thirty years of his life, Tomkins developed an ambitious theory of affect steeped in cybernetics and systems theory as well as in psychoanalysis, ethology, and neuroscience. The implications of his conceptually daring and phenomenologically suggestive theory are only now—in the context of postmodernism—beginning to be understood. With Shame and Its Sisters, editors Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick and Adam Frank make available for the first time an engaging and accessible selection of Tomkins's work. Featuring intensive examination of several key affects, particularly shame and anger, this volume contains many of Tomkins's most haunting, diagnostically incisive, and theoretically challenging discussions. An introductory essay by the editors places Tomkins's work in the context of postwar information technologies and will prompt a reexamination of some of the underlying assumptions of recent critical work in cultural studies and other areas of the humanities. The text is also accompanied by a biographical sketch of Tomkins by noted psychologist Irving E. Alexander, Tomkins's longtime friend and collaborator.

Shakespeare s Sisters

Filename: shakespeare-s-sisters.pdf
ISBN: 0253112583
Release Date: 1979
Number of pages: 337
Author: Sandra M. Gilbert
Publisher: Indiana University Press

Download and read online Shakespeare s Sisters in PDF and EPUB

Dear Sisters

Filename: dear-sisters.pdf
ISBN: 0786731338
Release Date: 2001-05-17
Number of pages: 336
Author: Rosalyn Baxandall
Publisher: Basic Books

Download and read online Dear Sisters in PDF and EPUB Today's women are so comfortable in their authority that they often forget to credit the women's liberation movement of the 1960s and '70s for paving the way--from the kitchen to the boardroom, from sexual harassment to self-defense, from cheerleading on the sidelines to playing center on the team. Distinguished scholars and active participants in the movement, Linda Gordon and Rosalyn Baxandall have collected a colorful array of documents--songs, leaflets, cartoons, position papers--that illustrate the range of people, places, organizations, and ideas that made up the movement. Dear Sisters chronicles historical change in such broad areas as health, work, and family, and captures the subtle humor, unceasing passion, and overwhelming diversity that defined the women's liberation movement.

Sisters Or Strangers

Filename: sisters-or-strangers.pdf
ISBN: 0802086098
Release Date: 2004
Number of pages: 418
Author: Franca Iacovetta
Publisher: University of Toronto Press

Download and read online Sisters Or Strangers in PDF and EPUB Spanning two hundred years of history from the nineteenth century to the 1990s, Sisters or Strangers? explores the complex lives of immigrant, ethnic, and racialized women in Canada. The volume deals with a cross-section of peoples - including Japanese, Chinese, Black, Aboriginal, Irish, Finnish, Ukrainian, Jewish, Mennonite, Armenian, and South Asian Hindu women - and diverse groups of women, including white settlers, refugees, domestic servants, consumer activists, nurses, wives, and mothers. The central themes of Sisters or Strangers? include discourses of race in the context of nation-building, encounters with the state and public institutions, symbolic and media representations of women, familial relations, domestic violence and racism, and analyses of history and memory. In different ways, the authors question whether the historical experience of women in Canada represents a 'sisterhood' of challenge and opportunity, or if the racial, class, or marginalized identity of the immigrant and minority women made them in fact 'strangers' in a country where privilege and opportunity fall according to criteria of exclusion. Using a variety of theoretical approaches, this collaborative work reminds us that victimization and agency are never mutually exclusive, and encourages us to reflect critically on the categories of race, gender, and the nation.

The Grimk Sisters from South Carolina

Filename: the-grimk-sisters-from-south-carolina.pdf
ISBN: 9780195106039
Release Date: 1998-01
Number of pages: 364
Author: Gerda Lerner
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

Download and read online The Grimk Sisters from South Carolina in PDF and EPUB The only Southern white women ever to become leading abolitionists, Sarah and Angelina Grimke encountered many obstacles in pursuing their anti-slavery work, the least of which was their gender. Women's historian Gerda Lerner tells the compelling story of these determined sisters and the contributions they made to the anti-slavery and women's rights movements.

Sisters in the Struggle

Filename: sisters-in-the-struggle.pdf
ISBN: 0814716032
Release Date: 2001-08-01
Number of pages: 363
Author: Bettye Collier-Thomas
Publisher: NYU Press

Download and read online Sisters in the Struggle in PDF and EPUB Tells the stories and documents the contributions of African American women involved in the struggle for racial and gender equality through the civil rights and black power movements in the United States.

Who Shall Take Care of Our Sick

Filename: who-shall-take-care-of-our-sick.pdf
ISBN: 0801882168
Release Date: 2005-09-08
Number of pages: 146
Author: Bernadette McCauley
Publisher: JHU Press

Download and read online Who Shall Take Care of Our Sick in PDF and EPUB This rich history chronicles the prominent role of Catholic women religious in establishing the hospitals at the core of New York City's extensive Catholic medical network. Beginning with the opening of St. Vincent's Hospital in 1849, Bernadette McCauley relates how determined and pragmatic women of faith worked over the next eighty years to place the Catholic Church in the mainstream of American medicine. Exploring the differences and similarities between Catholic hospitals and other hospitals, McCauley describes the particular cultural sensibility and management style that informed Catholic health care and gauges the ultimate success of Catholic efforts. Visionary sisters established, managed, and staffed the hospitals, and they sat on hospital boards and served as administrators at a time when women rarely occupied positions of leadership in business. McCauley illustrates how they at once embraced the world of God and the world of man, playing an unheralded role in the development of the modern hospital while serving the daily needs of New York's immigrant poor. Encompassing such issues as immigration, the education of nurses and doctors, hospital care and organization, and the role of women in the Catholic church, this extensive study is a valuable resource for scholars and students in the history of medicine, history of nursing, American religion, and women's history.

Sisters of the Spirit

Filename: sisters-of-the-spirit.pdf
ISBN: 0253115248
Release Date: 1986-07-22
Number of pages: 256
Author: William L. Andrews
Publisher: Indiana University Press

Download and read online Sisters of the Spirit in PDF and EPUB "Sisters of the Spirit... should interest a wider audience.... These fascinating accounts can stand on their own.... Mr. Andrews has made them even more accessible by providing a comprehensive introduction and helpful footnotes... but he does not intrude on the text itself." -- New York Times Book Review "... informative and inspiring reading." -- The Journal of American History Jarena Lee, Zilpha Elaw, and Julia Foote underwent a revolution in their own sense of self that helped to launch a feminist revolution in American religious life and in American society as a whole.

Poetic Sisters

Filename: poetic-sisters.pdf
ISBN: 9781611484854
Release Date: 2013
Number of pages: 303
Author: Deborah Kennedy
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

Download and read online Poetic Sisters in PDF and EPUB Poetic Sisters explores the personal and literary connections among five eighteenth-century women poets. Anchored in the work of Anne Finch, author of “A Nocturnal Reverie,” this book explores a female literary network, and emphasizes the range and extent of these writers' poetic achievement and its resonance for the twenty-first-century reader.

Sisters and Wives

Filename: sisters-and-wives.pdf
ISBN: 0252010043
Release Date: 1982-01-01
Number of pages: 274
Author: Karen Sacks
Publisher: University of Illinois Press

Download and read online Sisters and Wives in PDF and EPUB Extrait de l'introduction : "The search for women's overall ar fundamental position long ago ar far wawy is an outcome of the confrontation between social darwinist anthropology and the feminist and socialist movements over sexism here and now. [...] Women have been fighting for equl rights for well over one hundred years. The center of the struggle lies in changing institutionalized pattterns of behaviors and allocations of social roles. All behavior is informed and shaped by ideas, by way of seeing the world, as well as by standards for what is right and wrong, moral and immoral. A marxist and feminist anthropology can affrim the reality of equality in other times and places and increase our understanding of how to obtain such a social order for ourselves. This book is an attempt to develop such a way of seeing and of informing our actions."