Stronger After Stroke Second Edition

Filename: stronger-after-stroke-second-edition.pdf
ISBN: 9781936303472
Release Date: 2012-12-12
Number of pages: 259
Author: Peter G. Levine
Publisher: Demos Medical Publishing

Download and read online Stronger After Stroke Second Edition in PDF and EPUB Outlines accessible techniques for stroke rehabilitation and recovery, in a guide for patients and caregivers that covers such topics as the importance of scheduling task-specific movements, goal setting, and understanding the challenges of each stage of recovery. Original.

Stronger After Stroke Second Edition

Filename: stronger-after-stroke-second-edition.pdf
ISBN: 9781617051500
Release Date: 2012-12-12
Number of pages: 288
Author: Peter G. Levine
Publisher: Demos Medical Publishing

Download and read online Stronger After Stroke Second Edition in PDF and EPUB Stronger After Stroke puts the power of recovery in the reader's hands by providing simple-to-follow instructions for reaching the highest possible level of recovery. Basic concepts covered include repetition of task-specific practice, proper scheduling of practice, setting goals and measuring recovery. Sections new to the second edition cover the latest research from neuroscience, treatments for recovering sensation as well as recovery strategies for the young stroke survivor. Also included is a breakdown of the phases of recovery and how these phases can provide structure to efforts towards recovery. Stronger After Stroke promotes: Repetition of task-specific movements Proper scheduling of practice Challenges at each stage of recovery Setting goals and recognizing when they have been achieved The second edition is completely revised throughout incorporating feedback from readers and the latest research data. Peter has written a new chapter on "recovery core concepts" that defines the stages of recovery and explains how these stages can structure efforts toward recovery. There is also a new Question and Answer section culled from the talks Peter regularly gives on the subject.

Stronger After Stroke

Filename: stronger-after-stroke.pdf
ISBN: 9781458765598
Release Date: 2010-02
Number of pages: 376
Author: Peter G. Levine

Download and read online Stronger After Stroke in PDF and EPUB Written for stroke survivors, their caregivers, and loved ones, Stronger After Stroke presents a new and more effective treatment philosophy that is startling in its simplicity: stroke survivors recover by using the same learning techniques that anyone uses to master anything. Basic concepts are covered, including: Repetition of task-specific movements; Proper scheduling of practice; Challenges at each stage of recovery; Setting goals and recognizing when they have been achieved Stronger After Stroke puts the power of recovery in your hands by providing simple to follow instructions for reaching the highest possible level of healing.

Stroke Recovery and Rehabilitation 2nd Edition

Filename: stroke-recovery-and-rehabilitation-2nd-edition.pdf
ISBN: 9781617051708
Release Date: 2014-09-18
Number of pages: 451
Author: Richard L. Harvey, MD
Publisher: Demos Medical Publishing

Download and read online Stroke Recovery and Rehabilitation 2nd Edition in PDF and EPUB The definitive core text in its field, Stroke Recovery and Rehabilitation is a comprehensive reference covering all aspects of stroke rehabilitation ó from neurophysiology of stroke through the latest treatments and interventions for functional recovery and restoration of mobility. This second edition is completely updated to reflect recent advances in scientific understanding of neural recovery and growing evidence for new clinical therapies. The second edition ó which includes free e-book access with every print purchase ó continues to provide in-depth information on the assessment and management of all acute and long-term stroke-related impairments and complications including cognitive dysfunctions, musculoskeletal pain, and psychological issues. It examines risk factors, epidemiology, prevention, and neurophysiology as well as complementary and alternative therapies, functional assessments, care systems, ethical issues, and community and psychosocial reintegration. With contributions from over 100 acknowledged leaders from every branch of the stroke recovery field, this edition features expanded coverage of key issues such as the role of robotics and virtual reality in rehabilitation. New chapters have been incorporated to cover fields of recent exploration including transcranial magnetic stimulation, biomarkers, and genetics of recovery as well as essentials like the use of medication and the survivorís perspective. The up-to-date presentation of scientific underpinnings and multi-specialty clinical perspectives from physical medicine and rehabilitation, neurology, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech and language pathology, and nursing ensures that Stroke Recovery and Rehabilitation will continue to serve as an invaluable reference for every health care professional working to restore function and help stroke survivors achieve their maximum potential. New to Stroke Recovery and Rehabilitation, Second Edition All chapters are thoroughly revised and updated to reflect advances in scientific understanding of neural recovery and clinical progress Five completely new chapters and expanded coverage of key issues that drive the field forward New contributions from leading stroke specialists from all involved disciplines Includes access to the fully-searchable downloadable ebook

My Year Off

Filename: my-year-off.pdf
ISBN: 9780307363695
Release Date: 2011-11-30
Number of pages: 244
Author: Robert McCrum
Publisher: Vintage Canada

Download and read online My Year Off in PDF and EPUB A Publishers Weekly Best Book of 1998. "To all concerned, this book is meant to send a ghostly signal across the dark universe of ill-health that says 'you are not alone.'" - Robert McCrum On July 29, 1995, Robert McCrum, 42, married only ten weeks, suffered a paralyzing stroke. Overnight, his life shifted irrevocably. But this admired novelist and former editorial director of the London publishing house Faber and Faber decided to chronicle what became a remarkable journey "into that mysterious, unexplored territory, the neighbourly world of the unwell," as well as a deeply moving love story.

Speech After Stroke

Filename: speech-after-stroke.pdf
ISBN: 0398081743
Release Date: 2014-05-14
Number of pages: 446
Author: Stephanie Stryker
Publisher: Charles C. Thomas Publisher

Download and read online Speech After Stroke in PDF and EPUB By Stephanie Stryker, Private Practice, Miami Beach, Florida. With a Foreword by Jon Eisenson. Now in its Second Edition, this clinically proven manual offers practice materials for stimulating speech and language recall in brain-injured patients. New articulation and math exercises have been added as have higher level reading materials for mildly impaired patients. Throughout the book, materials have been redeveloped and expanded to increase their effectiveness. Large print and easily readable type facilitate learning and help those with reduced visual acuity. Five main sections provide illustrations and developmental exercises in speech comprehension, imitative ability and articulation, vocabulary and syntax, reading and money skills, and writing skills. Each section progresses from the simple to the complex; exercises are included for patients whose impairments range from mild to severe. The directions for applying the exercises are written in nontechnical language so they can be used by family members as well as by speech pathologists. Discussions of recovery time and of the limits of improvement are included, as is a list of suggested readings.

The Stroke Recovery Book

Filename: the-stroke-recovery-book.pdf
ISBN: 1886039305
Release Date: 1998
Number of pages: 152
Author: Kip Burkman

Download and read online The Stroke Recovery Book in PDF and EPUB Includes material on aphasia, dysarthria, hemiplegia, apraxia, dysphagia, and other stroke complications.

Occupational Therapy and Stroke

Filename: occupational-therapy-and-stroke.pdf
ISBN: 9781444348088
Release Date: 2011-06-09
Number of pages: 264
Author: Judi Edmans
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Download and read online Occupational Therapy and Stroke in PDF and EPUB Occupational Therapy and Stroke guides newly qualified occupational therapists (and those new to the field of stroke management) through the complexities of treating people following stroke. It encourages and assists therapists to use their skills in problem solving, building on techniques taught and observed as an undergraduate. Written and edited by practising occupational therapists, the book acknowledges the variety of techniques that may be used in stroke management and the scope of the occupational therapist's role. Chapters span such key topics as early intervention and the theoretical underpinnings of stroke care, as well as the management of motor, sensory, cognitive and perceptual deficits. They are written in a user-friendly style and presented in a form that enables the therapist to review the subject prior to assessment and treatment planning. Complex problems are grouped together for greater clarity. This second edition has been fully revised and updated in line with the WHO ICF model, National Clinical Guidelines and Occupational Therapy standards. It is produced on behalf of the College of Occupational Therapists Specialist Section - Neurological Practice.

Healing and Happiness After Stroke

Filename: healing-and-happiness-after-stroke.pdf
ISBN: 0998371602
Release Date: 2016-12-01
Number of pages:
Author: Kari Dahlgren

Download and read online Healing and Happiness After Stroke in PDF and EPUB You've been working on healing your brain since day one of rehab. But when results start to slow down or you start to feel stuck, then you may have overlooked an equally important part of recovery: Happiness. By harnessing the power of positive psychology, you can boost self-esteem, overcome depression, break through plateaus, and find the motivation to achieve an amazing recovery. This inspiring self-help guide, complete with practical exercises and essential habits, provides a much needed pep-talk for every stroke survivor on their road to recovery. Based on scientific evidence, stories from stroke survivors, and years of self-help research, Healing and Happiness after Stroke has everything you need to get back on your feet and become a stronger version of yourself.

Taking Charge of Your Stroke Recovery

Filename: taking-charge-of-your-stroke-recovery.pdf
ISBN: 0615249167
Release Date: 2008
Number of pages: 319
Author: Roger Maxwell
Publisher: Taking Charge Books Incorporated

Download and read online Taking Charge of Your Stroke Recovery in PDF and EPUB "How to pick up when rehab ends, complete your recovery and be better than you ever were before"

A Stroke of Faith

Filename: a-stroke-of-faith.pdf
ISBN: 9781455571109
Release Date: 2017-04-25
Number of pages: 256
Author: Mark Moore
Publisher: FaithWords

Download and read online A Stroke of Faith in PDF and EPUB Mark Moore always believed he was in charge of his life. All that changed on a beautiful Saturday morning in May 2007. Suddenly he was no longer in control of anything. Though his life will never return to his pre-stroke normality, through this crisis, he has gained a deeper understanding of the centrality of God's role in his life and in all of our lives. A STROKE OF FAITH tells the story of moving from acceptance to surrender and from hope to faith. It reveals God's work in Mark's life as He transformed him from thinking he had everything under control to knowing God has had control all along.

Upper Motor Neurone Syndrome and Spasticity

Filename: upper-motor-neurone-syndrome-and-spasticity.pdf
ISBN: 0521794277
Release Date: 2001-02-01
Number of pages: 317
Author: Michael P. Barnes
Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Download and read online Upper Motor Neurone Syndrome and Spasticity in PDF and EPUB This is a thorough, practical reference and guide for all health professionals involved in the management of spasticity.

Strong Looks Better Naked

Filename: strong-looks-better-naked.pdf
ISBN: 9781942872498
Release Date: 2015-11-03
Number of pages: 256
Author: Khloé Kardashian
Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Download and read online Strong Looks Better Naked in PDF and EPUB THE ONLY OFFICIAL KHLOÉ KARDASHIAN BOOK “There is no such thing as perfect. Nobody attains perfection. But if you keep trying, you grow and evolve, and to me that’s the point: To be a better person today than I was yesterday; to become the best possible version of myself.” —KHLOÉ KARDASHIAN Khloé Kardashian shares her secrets for finding strength of body, mind, and heart with revelatory stories of her own struggles with weight, relationships, and her self-image. In a culture that worships skinny, Kardashian writes with passion about the power of strength: a strong body lays the foundation for a strong mind, which leads to strength of heart, character, and ultimately spirit. Filled with practical advice, recipes, and compelling personal anecdotes, Strong Looks Better Naked is an inspiring meditation on how to create strength, confidence, and true beauty in every facet of your life.

Hope Heals

Filename: hope-heals.pdf
ISBN: 9780310344551
Release Date: 2016-04-26
Number of pages: 240
Author: Katherine Wolf
Publisher: Harper Collins

Download and read online Hope Heals in PDF and EPUB When all seems lost, where can hope be found? Katherine and Jay married right after college and sought adventure far from home in Los Angeles, CA. As they pursued their dreams, they planted their lives in the city and in their church community. Their son, James, came along unexpectedly in the fall of 2007, and just 6 months later, everything changed in a moment for this young family. On April 21, 2008, as James slept in the other room, Katherine collapsed, suffering a massive brain stem stroke without warning. Miraculously, Jay came home in time and called for help. Katherine was immediately rushed into micro-brain surgery, though her chance of survival was slim. As the sun rose the next morning, the surgeon proclaimed that Katherine had survived the removal of part of her brain, though her future recovery was completely uncertain. Yet in that moment, there was a spark of hope. Through 40 days on life support in the ICU and nearly 2 years in full-time brain rehab, that spark of hope was fanned into flame. Defying every prognosis, with grit and grace, Katherine and Jay, side by side, struggled to regain a life for Katherine as she re-learned to talk and eat and walk. Returning home with a severely disabled body but a completely renewed purpose, they committed to celebrate this gift of a second chanceby embracing life fully, even though that life looked very different than they could have ever imagined. In the midst of continuing hardships and struggles, both in body and mind, Katherine and Jay found what we all long to find...hope, hope that heals the most broken place, our souls. An excruciating yet beautiful road to recovery has led the Wolf family to their new normal, in which almost every moment of life is marked with the scars of that fateful April day in 2008. Now, eight years later, Katherine and Jay are stewarding their story of suffering, restoration, and Christ-centered hope in this broken world through their ministry Hope Heals.

Strokes of Color

Filename: strokes-of-color.pdf
ISBN: 1537326309
Release Date: 2016-08-26
Number of pages: 68
Author: Laura De La Cruz
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Download and read online Strokes of Color in PDF and EPUB A stroke can be debilitating, often leaving patients without the use of one side of their body and wheel chair bound. Anger, denial, and depression set in and it is difficult for caregivers to help stroke victims find meaning in their lives. Often stroke victims must be placed in nursing facilities and receive physical, occupational, and speech therapy. Family members will visit the victim, but are provided with few tools and resources to help structure that visit. It is also difficult for the family member to think of activities that will keep their loved one entertained and distract them from their situation. This coloring book was designed as art therapy for stroke survivors. Use it with love!