S Is for S'mores: A Camping Alphabet (Alphabet Books)

Filename: s-is-for-smores-a-camping-alphabet-alphabet-books.pdf
ISBN: 1585363022
Release Date: 2007-05-01
Number of pages:
Author: Helen Foster James
Publisher: Sleeping Bear Press

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Filename: summer.pdf
ISBN: 0863151949
Release Date:
Number of pages:
Author: Gerda Muller
Publisher: Floris Books

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Summer's Child

Filename: summers-child.pdf
ISBN: 0778328414
Release Date: 2010-03-30
Number of pages:
Author: Diane Chamberlain
Publisher: MIRA

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P.S. Be Eleven

Filename: ps-be-eleven.pdf
ISBN: 0061938645
Release Date: 2015-01-27
Number of pages:
Author: Rita Williams-Garcia
Publisher: Amistad

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The Summers

Filename: the-summers.pdf
ISBN: 1477827307
Release Date: 2014-09-30
Number of pages:
Author: Iva-Marie Palmer
Publisher: Skyscape

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Summerhill School: A New View of Childhood

Filename: summerhill-school-a-new-view-of-childhood.pdf
ISBN: 0312141378
Release Date: 1995-09-15
Number of pages:
Author: A. S. Neill
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin

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Corduroy's Fourth of July

Filename: corduroys-fourth-of-july.pdf
ISBN: 067006159X
Release Date: 2007-05-17
Number of pages:
Publisher: Viking Books for Young Readers

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Summer (Beginner Books(R))

Filename: summer-beginner-booksr.pdf
ISBN: 0375812350
Release Date: 2001-05-22
Number of pages:
Author: Alice Low
Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers

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Summer Days and Nights

Filename: summer-days-and-nights.pdf
ISBN: 0805090789
Release Date: 2012-04-10
Number of pages:
Author: Wong Herbert Yee
Publisher: Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)

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Summer s Child

Filename: summer-s-child.pdf
ISBN: 9781472074645
Release Date: 2014-04-04
Number of pages: 416
Author: Diane Chamberlain
Publisher: HarperCollins UK

Download and read online Summer s Child in PDF and EPUB Early on the morning of her eleventh birthday, Daria Cato found an unexpected gift - an abandoned baby. Unable to leave the child unclaimed, the Cato family adopt Shelly, but the secrets of her birth continue to haunt Daria.

Summer s Child

Filename: summer-s-child.pdf
ISBN: 9780553901528
Release Date: 2005-05-31
Number of pages: 432
Author: Luanne Rice
Publisher: Bantam

Download and read online Summer s Child in PDF and EPUB THERE’S A PLACE IN OUR HEARTS RESERVED FOR MIRACLES… From Luanne Rice, the celebrated author of Beach Girls and many other New York Times bestsellers, comes this powerful novel of a mystery, a love affair, and a bond that cannot be broken set in a seaside town where miracles are made... On the first day of summer, Mara Jameson went out to water her garden–and was never seen again. Years after her disappearance, no one could forget the expectant mother whose glowing smile had captured the heart of everyone who’d known her: Maeve Jameson, still mourning the loss of a granddaughter she had struggled to protect…Patrick Murphy, a dogged police detective obsessed with a vanished woman…and Lily Malone, drawn to the rugged beauty of the Nova Scotia coast and its promise of a new life. Here Lily hopes to raise her nine-year-old daughter, Rose, far from the pain and loss of the past. Here she will meet a gifted scientist, Liam Neill, whose life is on a similar trajectory from heartbreak to hope. And before the season is over, Lily will find the magic that exists in people we love the best…the everyday miracles that can make the extraordinary happen anywhere. From the Paperback edition.

Summer s Child

Filename: summer-s-child.pdf
ISBN: 9781426851667
Release Date: 2010-04-01
Number of pages: 400
Author: Diane Chamberlain
Publisher: MIRA

Download and read online Summer s Child in PDF and EPUB Early on the morning of her eleventh birthday, on the beach beside her North Carolina home, Daria Cato receives an unbelievable gift from the sea—an abandoned newborn baby. When the infant's identity cannot be uncovered, she is adopted by Daria's loving family. But her silent secrets continue to haunt Daria. Now, twenty years later, Shelly has grown into an unusual, ethereal young woman whom Daria continues to protect. But when Rory Taylor, a friend from Daria's childhood and now a television producer, returns at Shelly's request to do a story about the circumstances surrounding her birth, something precarious shifts in the small town of Kill Devil Hills. The more questions Rory asks, the more unsettled the tiny community becomes, as closely guarded secrets and the sins of that long-ago summer begin to surface. Piece by piece, the mystery of summer's child is being exposed, a mystery that no one involved—not Shelly, Daria, not even Rory—is prepared to face.

Summer s Child

Filename: summer-s-child.pdf
ISBN: 9781593740115
Release Date: 2001-06-03
Number of pages: 310
Author: Sherry Derr-Wille
Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Download and read online Summer s Child in PDF and EPUB Solveig, Anne, and Libby each grow up in a different time and place, with different values. Solveig's story begins the journey of the Jorgenson family as they immigrate from Norway and try to fit into the unfamiliar surroundings of New Oslo, Minnesota. With the arrival of their first American-born child, Anne, the Jorgenson's lives begin to unravel. An outsider in her own family for all of her life, Anne Jorgenson doesn't understand why her parents don't love her. Fame only widens the gap she feels. When her oldest brother, Karl, takes the first step toward reconciliation, Anne is guardedly receptive. It takes an accident involving Anne's daughter, Libby, to finally bring Anne back to Minnesota, in an attempt to heal past hurts and reunite a family torn apart by their differences.

When the Children Came Home

Filename: when-the-children-came-home.pdf
ISBN: 9781847377340
Release Date: 2011-03-03
Number of pages: 368
Author: Julie Summers
Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Download and read online When the Children Came Home in PDF and EPUB A moving and revealing insight into the real experiences of children evacuated during WWII and the families they left behind On 1 September 1939 Operation Pied Piper bgan to place the children of Britain's industrial cities beyond the reach of the Luftwaffe. 1.5 million children, pregnant women and schoolteachers were evacuated in 3 days. A further 2 million children were evacuated privately; the largest mass evacuation of children in British history. Some children went abroad, others were sent to institutions, but the majority were billeted with foster families. Some were away for weeks or months, others for years. Homecoming was not always easy and a few described it as more difficult than going away in the first place. In When the Children Came Home Julie Summers tells us what happened when these children returned to their families. She looks at the different waves of British evacuation during WWII and explores how they coped both in the immediate aftermath of the war, and in later life. For some it was a wonderful experience that enriched their whole lives, for others it cast a long shadow, for a few it changed things for ever. Using interviews, written accounts and memoirs, When the Children Came Homeweaves together a collection of personal stories to create a warm and compelling portrait of wartime Britain from the children's perspective.

Just 18 Summers

Filename: just-18-summers.pdf
ISBN: 9781414390901
Release Date: 2014-03-21
Number of pages: 384
Author: Michelle Cox
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.

Download and read online Just 18 Summers in PDF and EPUB Winner of the 2014 CLASS Reunion Kudos Book Award, fiction category. After the tragic death of Butch Browning’s wife, Jenny, four families begin to realize how precious—and fleeting—their time together is. Each is at a different stage in life: Butch is facing single parenthood. The O’Reillys are expecting their first child. The Andersons are approaching an empty nest, and the Buckleys are so focused on providing their children with everything that they’ve forgotten what they truly need. With just eighteen summers before their children are grown, how do they make the most of that time when life so often gets in the way? As summer flies by, each of these parents must learn about guilt and grace . . . and when to hold on to their kids and when to let go.

Summer s Child

Filename: summer-s-child.pdf
ISBN: 1944899375
Release Date: 2016-05-11
Number of pages: 30
Author: Sharon Scholl
Publisher: Finishing Line Press

Download and read online Summer s Child in PDF and EPUB Sharon Scholl's articulation of various stage of life-childhood, adolescence, and maturity-are rendered with a painter's attention to detail. The poems in Summer's Child don't shy away from the harsh facts of aging; on the contrary, they welcome in an artful decrepitude with spirited irony, all for the sake of an acute awareness of the present moment: ..".it is enough to be/...possessed by this space/this world flowing through me" (from Ocala Forest). The unique range and depth of Scholl's unswerving observations will both surprise and liberate the reader. -Judith Skillman Summer's Child, by Sharon Scholl, brings us bright, terse, often emotionally charged reflections on youth and aging through the eyes of one returning to scenes of childhood. She conjures up past landmarks, family, and places that have all but disappeared except for what lives, moves, and breathes in the chambers of her mind. Through her sensitivity, intense focus, fresh, often startling imagery, and subtle humor she brings them to life and blows the dust off forgotten memories-"the haze of family voices/stuck forever to the wall." This force of memory together with her strength of language give us a collection of poems that will help us dust off the voices that have stuck to the walls of our own mental chambers. A memorable work. -Bonny Barry Sanders

Summer s Child

Filename: summer-s-child.pdf
ISBN: 9781781843741
Release Date: 2013-07-12
Number of pages: 50
Author: Cari Z
Publisher: Total-e-bound

Download and read online Summer s Child in PDF and EPUB Will the distant but brutal past destroy a changeling's hope for a better life with the Summer Fae? Dis, a human changeling, is tasked with delivering Oberon's solstice gift to his estranged wife, Titania, at the Summer Court. Leaving behind the land where he barely survived to adulthood is harder than he expected—it means leaving behind his lover Marten as well. Dis hopes that once his task is completed, he and Marten can be together again. The Summer Fae welcome Dis to their court, but there's more going on behind the scenes than meets the eye. Dis struggles to keep Oberon's gift for Titania safe while being continually tempted by the wilful Summer Fae to disobey, and worse, he loses contact with Marten. Dis is left with no one he can trust, and is faced with the impossible choice between disobedience to Oberon, who will surely kill him once he finds out, or losing the man that he loves forever. Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of violence.

Summer s Child Summer of Ros

Filename: summer-s-child-summer-of-ros.pdf
ISBN: 5558673214
Release Date: 2001-01-01
Number of pages:
Author: Jonathan Kellerman

Download and read online Summer s Child Summer of Ros in PDF and EPUB From "New York Times" bestselling author Kellerman, this brilliant Alex Delaware novel takes his devoted readers to even greater heights of psychological suspense. (Esionage/Thriller)

Children in Australia

Filename: children-in-australia.pdf
ISBN: STANFORD:36105040445533
Release Date: 1985
Number of pages: 14
Author: June Factor

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Pregnant Butch

Filename: pregnant-butch.pdf
ISBN: 9781619023673
Release Date: 2014-03-18
Number of pages: 126
Author: A. K. Summers
Publisher: Soft Skull Press

Download and read online Pregnant Butch in PDF and EPUB First pregnancy can be a fraught, uncomfortable experience for any woman, but for resolutely butch lesbian Teek Thomasson, it is exceptionally challenging: Teek identifies as a masculine woman in a world bent on associating pregnancy with a cult of uber-femininity. Teek wonders, “Can butches even get pregnant?” Of course, as she and her pragmatic femme girlfriend Vee discover, they can. But what happens when they do? Written and illustrated by A.K. Summers, and based on her own pregnancy, Pregnant Butch strives to depict this increasingly common, but still underrepresented experience of queer pregnancy with humor and complexity—from the question of whether suspenders count as legitimate maternity wear to the strains created by different views of pregnancy within a couple and finally to a culturally critical and compassionate interrogation of gender in pregnancy. Offering smart, ambitious art, this graphic memoir is a must-read for would-be pregnant butches and anyone interested in the intersection of birth and gender, as well as a perfect queer baby shower gift and conversation starter for those who always assumed they “got” being pregnant.

The Summer Girls

Filename: the-summer-girls.pdf
ISBN: 9781476709031
Release Date: 2013-06-25
Number of pages: 400
Author: Mary Alice Monroe
Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Download and read online The Summer Girls in PDF and EPUB From New York Times bestselling author Mary Alice Monroe, the heartwarming first installment in the Lowcountry Summer trilogy, a poignant series following three half-sisters and their grandmother. Three granddaughters. Three months. One summer house. In this enchanting trilogy set on Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina, New York Times bestselling author Mary Alice Monroe captures the complex relationships between Dora, Carson, and Harper, three half-sisters scattered across the country—and a grandmother determined to help them rediscover their family bonds. For years, Carson Muir has drifted, never really settling, certain only that a life without the ocean is a life half lived. Adrift and penniless in California, Carson is the first to return to Sea Breeze, wondering where things went wrong…until the sea she loves brings her a minor miracle. Her astonishing bond with a dolphin helps Carson renew her relationships with her sisters and face the haunting memories of her ill-fated father. As the rhythms of the island open her heart, Carson begins to imagine the next steps toward her future. In this heartwarming novel, three sisters discover the true treasures Sea Breeze offers as surprising truths are revealed, mistakes forgiven, and precious connections made that will endure long beyond one summer.

Summer s Vacation

Filename: summer-s-vacation.pdf
ISBN: 9780689842238
Release Date: 2003
Number of pages: 32
Author: Lynn Plourde
Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Download and read online Summer s Vacation in PDF and EPUB Despite reminders from Father Time and Mother Earth, Summer neglects her chores while she is on vacation.

Child Care Provided by Mothers in South Carolina

Filename: child-care-provided-by-mothers-in-south-carolina.pdf
ISBN: UIUC:30112019844726
Release Date: 1966
Number of pages: 45
Author: Kathryn Summers Powell

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